Yukon Glory 7573 Premium Cover (For Your Weber Grill)

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Rating: 4.6 Reviewed by EddieThe Yukon Glory 7573 grill cover is a great cover to fit your Weber Spirit 200 and 300 series grill and the Genesis silver A and B gas grills.
Just pay attention that it will not fit The Weber Spirit models from 2013 and up.


Available in The Colors Black, Tan, and the popular Tan with the US Flag on it.

yukon glory 7573 in black review

This is the black version of the Yukon glory 7573. This version comes with a handheld thermometer and a BBQ grill mat for under the grill.
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yukon glory 7573 tan colored grill cover review

This version is the tan-colored 7573 to fit your Weber grill. This version also comes with a nice BBQ apron
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yukon glory tan with US flag review

This version of the Yukon glory 7573 has the US flag on it and this makes it one of the most popular versions.
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Yukon Glory 7573 Reviews

As you can see there are three available models available for the Yukon Glory original 7573 premium cover and each of them comes with a little extra. The quality of all three of them is, however, the same and we will dig a little deeper into the customer reviews of this what some people called a replacement grill cover for your Weber grill.

Yukon Glory 7573 measurements

One more time. This cover will not fit the newer Weber Spirit grill with the control knobs mounted on the front. This is basically the model from 2013 and up.

It is very important to have the right measurements before you purchase any grill cover. The dimensions are:

  • 53 inch long
  • 25.5 inch wide
  • 50 inch high
yukon glory 7573 review star rating

One tip I have is to try the grill cover as soon as you get home. This is still a handmade product and dimensions can vary slightly.
With an average of 92% of people rating this Yukon glory with a 4 and 5-star rating there are probably not too many cons to find, but here is what we found.

Some complaints (about 2%) talking about the longevity of this grill cover and although I agree that it should last a couple of years it always surprises me that people buy a product, that ranges from about 30 to 37 dollars, keep it out in the sun and the rain and expect it to last a lifetime.
There is no grill cover that will last forever. That is just a fact. However, the number of complaints about this is very low compared to other grill cover reviews we did. We still had to mention it.

A few buyers mentioned that they would like a mesh window like the Weber used to have. Personally, I never had the need for it since I grill a lot, but if you keep your grill covered for a long time it can maybe trap some moisture under the cover.

I could write a long part about what the higher (4 and 5 stars) ratings mention but I think that a summary is maybe easier for you to read.

  • Great value and durable
  • Beats Weber
  • Okay for the price
  • High quality
  • Well made

You can read all customer reviews here

My opinion about the Yukon Glory 7573 Premium Grill cover

Since Weber does not offer a grill cover of this size there are several companies that try to fill that gap.
Some people are such Weber fans that they will not like it without that name on it, but I believe that other companies also make quality grill covers.
This Yukon glory is a good example of this.

Overall this grill cover receives some good ratings and many buyers wrote that it is a good buy especially compared to the price.
We can recommend it as a good buy and if you like to see another comparable Weber 7573 replacement grill cover you can have a look at that link.

If this is not the grill cover you are looking for or have another type of grill you can look at all our grill cover reviews on one page.

Eddie van Aken

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