Why A Quality BBQ Costs More

large expensive charcoal grill

I guess all of us have looked at a BBQ we liked to buy and wondered why it had to cost soo much money.

Barbecue is one of the most commonly practiced traditions from way back. No vast or small gathering of friends, family, or even colleagues from work is complete without the BBQ option and a cozy stand for the men to gather and have a nice chat.

For any outdoor gathering, every host would want to ensure they produce some top-quality BBQ, which naturally comes at a cost. Is leaving a cheaper option better than going for quality?

“We’ll be considering some of these things.”

What Is A Quality BBQ and Things To Look Out For

A quality BBQ or high-end grill could signify different things to different people based on their requirements and what they might consider a priority.

Still, fundamentally, any good quality BBQ you buy should possess some general things.


A good quality BBQ will be made with top-quality material high-grade steel to enhance its durability. Unlike some other BBQs with a useful life of about 1 – 2 years before, it no longer performs at the required level.

Higher Cost

Nothing of good quality comes cheap. Even if the products are not necessarily high-end, better quality will mean a higher cost than average, and gas or charcoal BBQs are included in this conversation.

Great Value

Occasionally, people go for low-quality BBQ grills because of the lower cost. Quality grills cost more and have a more excellent value.

Larger Sizes

Most quality BBQs are made in larger sizes to accommodate making more of whatever item you intend to BBQ.

Temperature Control

A good quality BBQ grill will have significant and easy-to-use controls for regulating temperature while cooking. There are more options, so picking the correct temperature is now possible.

Good-Quality Materials and Great Aesthetics

If you’re a sucker for beautiful things, a good quality BBQ grill has been modeled to add to the aesthetics of places. You no longer have to deal with hideous-looking equipment. The materials used are of standard quality.

Why Do Quality BBQ Grills Cost More?

Quality grills are made with better quality material than your regular everyday grill. It will be a little bit of your typical $200 plus grills.

The grills are built with materials to make them last longer. In the space of time it will take you to buy 2 to 3 low-quality grills for replacement, high-quality grills will still be functional.

The increased number of burners ultimately makes the BBQ grill produce more heat providing better quality and reducing the time spent cooking. They are also built for better heat retention.

The grills have better quality grates, and you don’t have to worry about rusting and the many damages that come with continued exposure to high heat.

“Then there’s the myth that a more expensive grill is a better BBQ grilling experience which might just be marketing propaganda.”

I had some great experiences with affordable-priced grills.

Furthermore, quality grills usually come with some juicy warranty offers, so at least you know the investment you are covered in case of unfortunate events.

Careful attention to detail in the design shows that some level of professionalism went into equipment creation, and the spare parts are readily available.

What Are The Best Outdoor Grills?

best outdoor grills

If there is one question that people ask me then it is what are the best outdoor grills.

As much as I would like to answer the question of what are the best outdoor grills with a simple grill brand or even model, I can’t answer this question unless you would like to hear my personal opinion.

What I consider a top-of-the-line outdoor grill might be someone else worst nightmare.

My Personal Opinion

My opinion is that the best outdoor grill is the one that:

  • You use
  • You maintain
  • Matches your way of cooking

Actually, I should mention the last one first.

What The Highest-Priced Grill Can Not Do?

The highest-priced and best-rated grill can not make you a better grill master.

It can make life easier with better burners and knobs to control the temperature better, but I will not cook your food for you.

It might also last longer because of the better quality components that they used to build the grill.

How To Pick The Best Outdoor Grill?

The next question I also get a lot is who makes the best outdoor grill?

It falls in the same category of questions I can’t answer unless you are willing to hear my personal opinion.

As I mentioned before the best outdoor grill is the one that fits your way of cooking the best.

If you just cook some burgers once in a while there is not much sense in buying a 6-burner gas grill. You can get away with a small charcoal grill like these mini charcoal grills.

If you prefer propane for the few hamburgers or hot dogs you grill you can also use a small propane gas grill that you can even use on a balcony.

If you have a larger family you might need a bigger grill you have to figure out how big of a grill you need and there are many sites to help you with that.

Now you have figured out what size grill you need and if you like gas or charcoal for the grill you can start thinking about brands and models.

Types Of Grills To Choose from.

Okay, you have found out what grill size and if you need gas or charcoal. Maybe you find out that one of the pellet grill brands is what you are looking for.

Now it is time to read some reviews of the type of grill you are looking for and of course, you do that here on this page.

Time To Buy The Grill Of Your Dreams

Now it should ideally be the time to run to the store or order the grill you picked online.

However, you can save a ton of money if you first figure out the best time to buy a grill. You can read my tips in that article.

Some stores sell assembled grills and other ones need to be assembled. Make sure that you have the right tools at hand and maybe an extra pair of hands to help you with that.

Best Outdoor Grills – My Top 3

As you have read here there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the best outdoor grills.

It all depends on your personal situation, family size, and way of outdoor cooking.

I have talked about the fact that it is very personal and here are my 3 grills.

My 3 Grills

  • Charcoal grill

Just an old barrel grill I bought about 12 years ago at the local dollar store and this was my way of getting started with grilling.

  • Ugly drum smoker

Instead of using an offset smoker or buying a pit barrel cooker, I decided to build my own UDS for smoking.

A small infrared propane grill for if I just need to grill some burgers or hotdogs.

Why Are Some Grills So Much More Expensive? – My Opinion

Deciding on purchasing quality BBQ equipment that costs more or a more affordable version depends on your personal preference and equipment plans.

That being said, buying quality will always be the better option, but that is only if this said quality can be conveniently afforded.

Although I mainly talk about bbq’s here the same conclusion goes for all indoor grills and every other type of grill

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken brings years of experience from running a full-service restaurant, where he honed his skills with all types of kitchen equipment. His expertise extends to mastering the art of outdoor cooking, utilizing the right recipes to enhance flavors on grills and smokers. Eddie’s in-depth knowledge allows him to provide comprehensive grill reviews and valuable outdoor cooking tips, helping enthusiasts make the most of their grilling adventures. You can read more on the¬†About page for Eddie van Aken

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