Weber Q Grill Cover 6554

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There is no better protection for your grill than the use of the right grill cover. Weber made covers for all of their grill. Here is the one for the smaller Q series grills like the Weber Q2400

Remember this grill cover is for use with the rolling cart.
If you use the grill on a table this grill cover is too big.

grill cover 6554

It got a 4.7 star rating on Amazon from 51 customers.
The only con we could find was that with a strong wind, it blew off.
But this could be avoided with a simple piece of Velcro or a ripcord according to the person that wrote this.
In my opinion, this is just a minor con and easy to fix.
Words like:

“Fits like a glove”

“Worth every penny”

“I love how durable it is”

It makes it easy for me to recommend this Weber 6554 grill cover as a great addition to ensure a longer life for your grill.

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If this is not the one you are looking for you can have a look at the special page I made for all other models and brands.

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