Weber Master Touch 22 Review

Rating: 4.8 Reviewed by Eddie

Weber Master Touch 22 inch charcoal grill

The Weber Master Touch 22 review I did here surprised me by the high number of great ratings.

This grill performs great and is a model that fits between the original kettle with a lot more features and the way more expensive Performer series.

It is a great grill for home, but with the removable legs you could also use it on the campground, picnic or maybe even for tailgating.

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I tried to find all the features, pros, cons and customer reviews for this grill here.

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Grill Surface / Material of the grate / Features / Customer Reviews /Pros and Cons / My Opinion / Recommendations / Tips from users

Grill surface of the Weber Master Touch grill

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I think it is important and I always want to know that first, how much grill space there is available.

The Weber 22 inch charcoal grills I reviewed all have the same 363 square inches large round grill grate.

Large enough to cook for 5 – 6 people if you apply the rule that you need 72 SQ inches per person including vegetables.
If you cook just meat it will hold a lot more.

It also comes with the 80 square inch warming rack.

The difference in grill grate with the other models is that this Master Touch has the so called Gourmet BBQ system with the hinged grate.

This offers a few more option than the standard round grates.

This system has a round removable part in the middle so you can use the

  • Weber griddle
  • cast iron pan
  • Weber sear grate

Material of the grate

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The second thing I like to know is the material of the grill grate. This is the part where your food goes on and in my opinion pretty important to know.

The grate is made of heavy gauge steel, I can not find how much gauge but when I looked at it looked pretty thick.

I have not read any problems with sticking or cleaning. Just be careful that this material still can rust in my opinion.

Features of this grill

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Description of the main features.

  • Porcelain enameled bowl and lid
  • Easy aluminum cleaning system
  • Large ash catcher
  • Dampers of rust resistant aluminum
  • 2 nylon handles, glass enforced
  • Weber char basket
  • Tool hooks

These are just the main features and we will look at them and the other ones later.

Customer Reviews of the Weber 14501001 Master Touch

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It is not hard to find people who are willing to give you their opinion of the Weber Master Touch since there are a ton of them sold over the years.

I found an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 to given and totally agree with that high rating.

I always like to look at the lower ratings first to see if they have something in common to look at.

With only a 3% that gave it a 1 or 2 stars all I found that they did not liked the height, thought it was to big and one mentioned that the handle melted.

There are some things about assembly that came back several times the were about the legs and the ash-catcher assembly.

The leg inserting in the connector seems to be tough to do and the ash catcher have to lined up perfect to assemble or disassemble to empty it.

I also read about the ash catcher that for people who have limited use of their hands can be hard to take of and put back.

For the rest it was all very positive remarks and people where very happy with the grill and many of them used is several times a week.

I also found that many of them would buy it over and over again.

There were a lot of users that upgraded with the many accessories and in that way improve their cooking.

Find the price here

Pros & Cons

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It is always nice to have a short sum op of most of the pros and cons and a lot of my readers let me know they appreciate that.

  • Weber quality
  • Versatile grill grate
  • Easy lid placement
  • large ash catcher
  • Many accessories available

I was not able to find a lot of negative points for this Weber charcoal grill, but here are the few I found.

  • Price?
  • grate not in height adjustable
  • Assembly little hard

Better Grills Rating: 4.8

My opinion of the Weber Master Touch 22

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After doing the Weber Master touch 22 inch charcoal grill review I have to admit that I am impressed.

I have to be honest and admit that I have seen my daughter use it several times, but did not pay to much attention at that time.

She cooked some great meat on it including meat she grilled with the Weber Rotisserie and a Pizza stone.

I called here and asked her opinion and she was still pretty happy with it.
Although she has many other grills from a Kamado grill all the way up to a Traeger pellet grill she still uses here 22 inch kettle a lot.

No better recommendation than from someone who uses so many types of grills and still comes back to this Weber charcoal BBQ grill.


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I found a few things that I can recommend when you use this grill.
If you like to use this grill for just more than the regular burgers, hotdogs and chicken have a look at the available accessories. I found some of the Weber kettle must have accessories here and although I think this grill comes with the Weber char basket, there are many other things you can uses to make life easier and expand your grilling.

Tips from real users

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I tend to listen very careful to people who have used a certain product and learned from them. Here you can find some of the tips I found.

  • Use char basket
  • Keep it clean
  • Don’t leave it undattended

Weber master touch 22 review

If you have anything to add or have an opinion about the Weber Master Touch 22 grill leave it in the comments or contact me.

Eddie Vandam

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