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Weber grill book

There is no doubt that Weber is one of the most known and maybe even popular grill and bbq companies.

There are several Weber bbq, grill, and recipe books available that are written for their grills, but also can be used on any other grill of course.
Here we review a few of them.

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Weber’s Big Book of Grilling

Webr big biik of grilling review
Weber grill books

With a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating done by 216 buyers and 416 pages, this can be called a Big book.
Out of the 216 customer reviews, 88% gave it 5 stars and 99% 4 stars.

Although it is also written to sell more Weber grills of course, it is still filled with very useful tips, techniques, and recopies. This book will help you to make it through the summer grilling season and even after the summer will keep you motivated to not stop grilling but keep grilling all year round.

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Customer Reviews of the Weber big book of grilling

“I was a bit skeptical when I saw that Weber was putting out a grilling cookbook. However, even though they promote their products, the recipes are plentiful and fantastic. I also liked the instructions on how to use the grill one currently owns with simple instructions for novices like myself. Look past the Weber promotion if it bothers you and dig right into the “meat” of the book. The photos are quite appealing and summer is too short to pass this book up! …(read more here)

Weber’s Way To Grill

Weber way to grill review

Written by Jamie Purviance who has been writing about food for many well-known magazines and wrote many books, we can say that he knows what he is talking about.
4.8 stars out of 5 and reviewed by 265 people. 88% gives it a 5-star rating and 12% 4 stars.
This book got all the basics covered for the use of a charcoal or gas grill.
It contains many clear pictures so you can see what the author means and most people like that because it is easier than just reading.
Many very useful tips for ribs, turkey, fish and the way to prevent our flare-ups
Besides all the basic recopies it also contains several more exotic and ethnic recopies.
Available in 3 formats

Customer Reviews of Weber’s Way to grill

“I bought this book for my husband for Father’s Day; it’s almost September and I haven’t cooked dinner since! He’s made almost all of the recipes and everything has been delicious. Some of our favorites are the grilled peaches with ice cream, the asparagus, and the ribs. The ribs were the best he’s ever made, flavorful and falling off the bone! Whether you’re trying to improve your grilling technique or looking to expand your recipe collection, I highly recommend this book….(read more here)

Weber way of grilling on Amazon

Weber’s Real Grilling

Webers real grilling review

4.8 stars out of 5 and 181 people voted for it.
83% 5 stars, 13% 4 stars, and 3& 3 stars.
314 pages and of course they try to tell you why to buy a Weber grill, but that is to be expected when written by Weber.
After covering all the basics of charcoal and building a fire the right way and explaining about gas grills he covers all the recopies.
From beef and pork to poultry and fish. He writes in a very easy-to-read way and keeps it simple but still helps us make some great food on any grill.
This book is good for beginners but also very useful for the more experienced backyard griller who can always use more tips and recopies.

Customer Reviews

” have been trying to cook my through this entire book and it shows. The book has been rained on, dropped on the floor, splashed with all sorts of ingredients, and is generally beat up. I bring it to the grocery store when I shop and even had the cashier ring it up once when I wasn’t paying attention. This is the best cookbook I’ve ever read because the author, Purviance, isn’t trying to impress the reader by writing a bunch of pretentious garbage and making things as difficult as possible. Instead, Purviance comes across as a friendly, helpful tutor who wants the reader to succeed. My wife has been stoked ever since I got this book because I have been making things happen on the grill, including the July 4th cookout that her whole family attended at our place. They talked about the food for weeks, and I owe it all to this book. It is a great reference and guide for aspiring grillmasters. …(read more here)

Webers real grilling on Amazon

Weber’s Smoke. A guide to smoking on any grill

Weber's Smoke review

4.4 stars out of a 5-star rating and these were done by 172 people. This shows the popularity of this book in my opinion.
This book about smoking and slow cooking is in the top 20 best-selling bbq and grilling books.
I have not read many complaints about it. The only one is that it of course is written for Weber. But I have seen many people recommend it for any type of grill including gas grills with the option to cook indirectly. This book is written in 2012 and has received many good reviews.
A good book for the beginning and advanced griller with many great tips and recipes.

Customer Reviews

Amazon Rating: 4.4

“This is a well written and useful book. I think beginners and intermediate bbq cooks are going to like the recipes and the descriptive instructions for recipe perpetration. It had a nice mix of smoke accented grilling recipes and true, slow cooked bbq. It had great pictures and the ingredient lists are manageable.
Overall, this is a useful cook book. …(read more here)

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More Weber Grill BBQ and Grilling books will be reviewed shortly.

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These Weber BBQ books are of course not only to be used on the Weber grills we reviewed but on any other type of grill you can find in my outdoor grill section on this website.

Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie


Weber's new real grilling cookbook

Although already a few years old weber’s new real grilling book is still a very good book to add to your grilling bookshelf.
This is proven by the fact that there are over 190 reviews and an average of 4.2 stars out of 5.
With 81% giving it a 5-star rating and 13% a 4-star rating.

Better Grills: 4.7

Some review remarks we read are that this book is not a repeat from one of the other Weber grill books, but a new approach. The last review I could find was just from a few days ago.

The writer James Purviance has succeeded to write this book in a different tone and starts with recipes instead of many other books with seasoning and sauces.

There are many pages filled with “grill Skills” and these offer great advice to prevent rookie mistakes.

The recipes are separated by type of food.

The least I can find about this book is that someone just called it another grill book.
But with this price, I am not even worried about that. The Weber’s new real grilling book is a nice addition to any grill book you have and there are a lot of things in there to learn from.

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