Weber Grill Reviews

Weber grill reviewsWeber is one of the oldest grill manufacturers in the United States and has a great reputation on building high quality grills for every purpose.
We will try to review as many Weber grills as we can but it is very time consuming so come back ones in a while to check our progress.
We will review all the different models on their own page but here we give an overview of the categories and grills we will review.

Table of Contents

1. Weber Spirit
2. Weber Genesis
3. Weber Charcoal
4. Weber Summit
5. Weber Q-grills
4. Weber Charcoal Smokers


Weber spirit grill reviews

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This Weber Spirit series has 4 models and they come with 2 or 3 burners.
All come with porcelain enameled flavorizer bars and my favorite porcelain enameled cooking grates.
Here is a list of all Weber Spirit grills we will review in the future.


Weber genesis grill reviews

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This genesis series is a very popular one and also contains 4 models.
some of them have porcelain enameled cooking grates and some have the stainless steel cooking grates.
The same goes for the flavorizer bars.
Here is a list of all Weber Spirit grills we will review in the future.


Weber charcoal grill reviews

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It all started with the charcoal grills for the Weber company and after that it all went fast.
We will have a look at the charcoal grills although they might also fit the portable grill category.
Smokey Joe goldThe Weber Smokey Joe grills will always be very popular portable charcoal grill.
You can not beat the price quality compared to other brands.
Read the reviews we did for the Weber Smokey Joe silver and the Weber Smokey Joe gold.
==>> Weber Smokey Joe Reviews




Weber summit grill reviews

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This series has a lot more models. There are 10 to choose from. Fromm stand alone grill to built-in grill.
We had a first glance and it looks like they all have the stainless steel cooking grates and this would disappoint me because you know I am a big fan of the enameled cast iron grill grates.
The built in version comes with a infrared rotisserie burner for grilling the perfect chicken.
Here is a list of all Weber Spirit grills we will review in the future.


Weber Q-series grill reviews

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Have a look at the Weber grill reviews we did.
Weber Q1000 review
Weber Q1200 review
Weber Q2400 review
Weber Q1200 Harley Davidson review
Weber Q3200 review
I also had a look at the Weber grill lights you can use for the Q grills.


Weber smokey mountain charcoal smokers

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weber smokey mountain smokerWeber also has a nice line of Charcoal fueled smokers.
They are called the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker and they come in 14, 18 and 22 Inch versions.
You can have a look at all the Weber smokey mountain cookers here.

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