Weber Grill Cover 7573

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We found several Weber grill covers 7573 reviews with great customer ratings

The glorious Montana original 7573 is not made by Weber but gets a 4.6-star rating from over 130 customers.
With the 3 versions Black, Tan Brown, and All American there is one to choose from for everybody. These grill covers are a great equivalent of the Weber Grill covers.

weber 7573 black

Black Weber grill cover from the Glorious Montana Factory.

weber 7573 tan brown

Same grill cover in Tan-Brown color.

Weber 7573 all American

This is the all-American version of the Cover that is made like the Weber 7553.

All together the glorious Montana 7573 grill covers got some great reviews

The reviews mentioned that this grill cover is better than the original Weber grill cover 7573.
It will fit all grills up to 50 inches wide like the Weber Spirit 200 and 300 series.
Does not fit the 2013 and newer series with the knobs at the front. The Texas Grill cover 7573 does fit the spirit with the knobs in the front.

“Fit my Silver B perfectly, seems to be made well, not as stiff as the last weber model I bought which I believe will be a good thing. The last Weber cover I bought for this grill which appears to be discontinued didn’t even make it a year and It was more expensive than this one. I am very optimistic about this cover with the quality it appears to be….(read more:here)”

Amazon Rating: 4.6

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Texas grill cover premium for Weber

texas Weber grill cover 7573

This 7573 grill cover will also fit the Weber Spirit grills with the knobs on the front of the grill.
With 4.6 stars this Grill cover that is made from high-quality heavy-duty vinyl did receive some great reviews.

“This is a superior cover as compared to the Weber cover. I like the thickness of the material and the velcro straps on either end that give it a fitted look after it is installed on the grill. Most of all, this cover is waterproof and the Weber cover is not as indicated by other reviewers. I have a cover to keep debris, dust and most importantly water from damaging the grill. Good value for the price….(read more: here)”

Amazon Rating: 4.6

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