Weber Grill Cover 7553

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There is more than one company that produces this 7553 grill cover for Weber gas grills. In this Weber grill cover 7553 review, I will have a look at the top 4 sellers and see what is the best grill cover for Weber Genesis grills.

After all, a quality grill cover can extend the life span of your grill for many years, because it will prevent it from rusting by protecting it from weather influences.

Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills

The first 75553 grill cover we look at it is from the Weber company itself.
I found over 1600 comments and reviews of this grill cover for the Weber E and S series and the stars were divided as followed:

  • 5 stars – 1017
  • 4 stars – 202
  • 3 stars – 114
  • 2 stars – 118
  • 1 star – 155

As always I am interested in the lower ratings to see if the others missed something.
Almost 16% 1 % one-star ratings and about 10% 2 stars made me wonder and this is what I found out about this Weber 7553 grill cover.

The older model had some vent holes with mesh in it and that did not work well. It let moisture in and sometimes even left a puddle of water on the side tables.

The later reviews from actual buyers showed that Weber listened to their complaints and removed the two side vents. The newer reviews receive a lot higher ratings.

“I had the previous version of this which had the vents on either side. This is a much better product — the fabric is more flexible, the stitching is better (the old one had a crazy-bad stitch that almost made it impossible to get on, though that looked like a one-off mistake), and there is no longer water sitting on my side tables that went through the vents. I’m not sure if the fabric “breathes”, but it seems to. The fit on my E-320 is perfect–loose enough to easily get on, tight enough to provide a good fit. The only slight ding, that doesn’t really matter in practice, is that the material that the Velcro straps are made of seems cheaper and more rigid than my last cover…(read more: Here)”

My opinion of the Weber 7553

This cover is made by the Weber company and it gets some great ratings after they took care of the vent problem in the older model.

Think we can recommend this as a good buy although some people mentioned that the quality of the used material is not as good as the older model. The quality of the stitching seems to be not as strong anymore.

The cover is getting a little stiff in cold climates and this makes it hard to take off and put back on.
I read several times that it lasted 5 or 6 years in all kinds of weather conditions.

Amazon Rating: 4.1

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Texas Grill Covers 7553 Premium Cover for Weber E and S series

Texas grill cover 7553 review

With a higher rating (4.7 stars) than the 7553 from the Weber company itself, we looked again at how the ratings were divided and this is the result.

  • 5 stars – 175
  • 4 stars – 39
  • 3 stars – 4
  • 2 stars – 3
  • 1 star – 3

This is about a 5% low rating and that is better than the review of the 7553 from Weber itself.

But as I mentioned the Weber company improved their new model so comparing just based on the ratings is not a fair comparison.

“I am a person who usually buys branded products. So I toiled over my decision on whether I should buy Weber’s cover or this one. After reading some unfavorable reviews about how Weber’s product did not hold up as expected, I finally decided on this one because protecting my $$$$ Weber grill is of utmost importance. So far, this product has performed beautifully in some really nasty weather. It is made of good quality vinyl and I really like the two straps on both sides that keep the cover snug around the grill….(read more: here)”

Our opinion of the Texas Grill Covers 7553

After reading the lower-numbered reviews we noticed that the manufacturer also reads and responds to them.

Almost all of them mentioned that they got contacted by the Texas company and within days they had a replacement cover for their Weber grill at no cost.

Although the name Texas grill would make you think differently this grill cover is made in China.
With a pretty low price compared to all the positive reviews, we found this Texas 7553 grill cover can be considered a good buy.

The tong and grill brush that comes with it is a nice addition and some people mentioned it was of decent quality.

Amazon Rating: 4.7

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Yukon Glory Original 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis E & S 300 Series Gas

Yukon Glory 7553 review

This Yukon grill cover will fit the Weber Genesis E and S series. E330, E310, S330 and S310.
I looked at all Yukon Glory covers and could not find one with an average rating lower than 4.6 stars. I guess that says something about their quality. Here is how the ratings are divided.

  • 5 stars – 156
  • 4 stars – 37
  • 3 stars – 12
  • 2 stars – 12
  • 1 star – 8

With about 16% of low ratings, we will look at these first. Most of them mentioned the bad quality and not fitting too well on their Weber grill. We always recommend checking your purchases as soon as possible and returning if you are not satisfied.

“I have had this grill cover for 2 winters in the upper Midwest and will say that it held up better than the Weber grill cover I got for the Weber Silver grill. Specifically, the cover has not become brittle as the Weber cover did in about the same amount of time. One other benefit of the Glorious Montana cover is it has velcro straps on both ends that hold the cover on the grill during high winds, ( my Weber grill cover had a tendency to blow off as it had no tie-down straps.) My only complaint is the cover is a bit long for the Weber Silver grill and gets under the wheels occasionally when moving the grill. This is a minor issue and one that can be worked around….(read more: here)”

My opinion of the Yukon Glory Original 7553

This Yukon 7553 grill cover gave us some problems to come to a conclusion. The lower ratings mentioned several times that the cover did not fit their Weber grill and that the quality was not too good.
But then, on the other hand, there were many people who raved about the nice fit and great quality.

Taking into consideration that there are more positive than negative reviews we can recommend this Yukon Glory 7553 as a good buy with the remark to check it as soon as you receive it.

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Check all seams and stitches and try to fit it on your grill. Return as soon as you are not satisfied.

Amazon Rating: 4.4

King Kong 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis E & S 300 Series Gas

King Kong 7553 grill cover for Weber genesis e and s

I stumbled upon this grill cover by accident and got curious because of the name King Kong. With an average score of 4.9 stars, I had to dig a little deeper of course. Here is what I found.

  • 5 stars – 156
  • 4 stars – 37

And no lower ratings.

Customer reviews

There were only 39 people who took the time to write about their experience with this cover and the company and I could only find that they wrote pretty good about both of them.

The quality was mentioned as great and the company customer service was also rated very high. This is a very thick grill cover and many users admitted that they were surprised by this. The thickness is according to the company 0.5mm. The measurements are 60-inch inches, 28 inches deep, and 44 inches high. The Velcro straps make it easy to secure it to the grill and keep it on there very snug.

Read all customer reviews here

Although I had never heard of the King Kong company I read some other reviews on their grill covers for other models and they get real good recommendations from all over the place. We can recommend this as a good buy!!

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Tips and recommendations for the Weber 7553 grill covers

When you buy one of the Weber grill covers 7553 you have to realize that all grill covers are handmade.
This means that the size will never be the same and you will want to make sure that it will fit your grill well and not too wide or too tight.
To wide give the wind the opportunity to get under it and lift it up.
Too tight can make it rip.

The used material for Weber grill covers will last longer in moderate weather than in climates with harsh winters.

In a mild climate, you can get away with a little lesser quality and if you live in a climate with bad winters you might not.

Cold weather makes the fabric brittle and easier to crack.

Never take your cover off wet and then store it for a long period of time. This will make any fabric rot.
Dry it and then store it.

If you have anything to add to our reviews feel free to leave a comment.
If you have a good or bad experience with any of these 3 Weber 7553 grill covers or any other Weber genesis grill cover feel free to let us all know about it on this page.

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