Easy Vegetarian Grilling Recipe Ideas

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Is it me or does it always seems that when you look for recipes for the grill all you find are recipes with meat?

“However, grilling is not just for meat lovers and there are plenty of delicious and satisfying vegetarian options that can be cooked up on the grill.”

If you are interested in or are looking for some inspiration to grill in combination with being a vegetarian, or if you’re just looking to opt your grill game with vegetables, I have a few ideas to get you started.

Vegetarian Grill Ideas

Grilled vegetables are a classic choice for vegetarian grilling.

You can’t go wrong with tried-and-true favorites like zucchini, bell peppers, and eggplant, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try grilling some less common veggies like asparagus, fennel, or sweet potatoes.

vegetables ona gas grill

Grilled mushrooms

Mushrooms in general make a great meaty substitute in sandwiches or burgers. Marinate them in your favorite sauce or seasoning and grill them until they’re tender and juicy.

Grilled fruit

Fruit is a sweet and unexpected option for the grill. Try grilling slices of pineapple, peaches, or watermelon for a refreshing summertime treat.

Grilled Tofu

Tofu is another protein-packed option for vegetarians. Look for extra-firm tofu that will hold up well on the grill, and be sure to press out any excess moisture before grilling. You can marinate the tofu in your favorite sauce, or you can brush it with a mixture of oil and your favorite spices.

Grilled Pizza

Pizza is a fun and creative way to enjoy the flavors of the grill. Roll out your favorite pizza dough and top it with your choice of grilled vegetables, grilled tofu, or any other ingredients you like. Place the pizzas directly on the grill grates and cook them until the crust is crispy and the cheese is melted.

Grilled Grain Bows

Fruit makes for a hearty and healthy vegetarian meal. Grill up some quinoa, farro, or another grain of your choice, and mix in your favorite grilled vegetables, tofu, or legumes. Top with a flavorful dressing or sauce and some crunchy nuts or seeds for texture.

With these 5 vegetarian grilling ideas, you’ll have plenty of delicious options to choose from for your next summer barbecue. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try grilling some new and unusual ingredients, you never know what you might discover!

If you need some more tips, you can try these vegetables that are easy to grill.

I know there are many more things you can cook on the grill for a vegetarian meal and one thing I like is Halloumi cheese on the grill.

How To Grill Vegetables

I could write a whole bunch of words here on how to grill vegetables but a video can explain it a lot better.

YouTube video player

As you can see there are tons of ways to add vegetables while you are grilling and you can any type of grill to do so.

Easy To Grill Vegetables

Zucchini and Squash

Squash and Zucchini are quick to cook and have a delicate flavor that goes well with many different seasonings. cut them into rounds or lengthwise and grill them over medium heat until they’re tender and slightly charred.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are another easy-to-grill vegetable, and they come in a variety of colors from green to red and are great to add some color to the food on your plate. Use strips or halves and grill them over medium heat until they’re tender and slightly charred. If you are more adventurous try stuffed bell peppers.


 Eggplant is another vegetable that is very easy to grill. Cut it into rounds or lengthwise and grill it over medium heat until it is tender. I like to eat them slightly charred.


Asparagus is not my favorite, but many people love them. It is a quick-cooking vegetable that’s perfect for grilling. The woody ends need to be cut off and then grill over medium heat until they’re soft enough to eat.

Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is a summertime staple that you can wake me up for. Very easy to prepare on the grill. All you must do is remove the husks and silks from the corn and grill it over direct heat for about 10-15 minutes, turning them to avoid burning. Cook until the kernels are tender and a little charred. You can add some type of sauce to them to give them even  more flavor

Portobello Mushrooms

Grilled portobellos are a veggie that I use a lot. You can use other mushrooms of course. They make a great vegetarian course or side dish to please vegetarians. After rinsing them brush them with oil, season them with your favorite spices, and grill them over medium heat until they’re done and have a little char on them.


Grilled pineapple is an option for the grill that many people don’t use for reasons I don’t understand. Try it and cut a fresh pineapple into slices, brush them with some olive oil, and grill them over medium heat. I like it when they are somewhat caramelized.


Grilled peaches are a delicious and easy summer dessert. I prefer to slice fresh peaches in half, take the pit out, and grill over medium heat until it is tender and has some caramelization.

“When you top them with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream you have created a perfect dessert.”

Vegetarian Grilling Ideas – My Opinion

I have been adding more vegetables to my grill in the last year. I have a small garden so it was easy to grab some squash, zucchini, or bell peppers while I am at the grill.

Depending on your type of grill grates you might have to use a grill mat to avoid smaller pieces from falling through them.

That is also the reason I use aluminum foil for grilling veggies to keep them from falling through the grill grates.

I am planning on adding and playing around with more types of vegetables and see how I can add some more healthy options to the menu

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