Vaquero Beef Review

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Vaquero Beef went out of business.

At this moment I think you should have a look at what my experience was with Crowd Cow since I had some great steaks from them in the past.

Vaquero beef reviews

What is Vaquero Beef?

The Vaquero Beef company is from Mexico and was started in 1969 by the grandparents of Fernando Vizcarra.

The beef that is raised in Mexico is processed by the family (1) from start to finish.

Spoiler alert: If you order now you get a FREE Tomahawk steak!

How Vaquero Beef Works

vaquero beef process

The whole process from raising to slaughter and shipping is done at the same facility and under strict circumstances.

What Does Vaquero Beef Offer?

They offer high-quality hand-cut steaks that are aged between 7 and 28 days.

Vaquero beef boxes

You can order the following boxes. “Prices are at the time of me writing this is and might have changed.

Traditional Box

This box contains 8 or 16 steaks depending on what your order. This box is starting at $139.

It comes with Porterhouse, T-bone, and New York strip steaks,

Mixed Box

This box comes with 7 or 14 steaks depending on what you order and the price is starring at $154

It comes with Ribeye, Porterhouse, Beef Ribs, and Tomahawk steaks.

Porterhouse box

The Porterhouse comes with al Porterhouse steaks and you can order 8 or 16. The steaks are hand-cut and weigh about 20oz. The price is starting at $154

Ribeye Box

This box is filled with Ribeye steaks and you can choose from 8 or 16 steaks. All steaks are hand-cut and are about 15oz. The price is starting at $154

Vaquero Shipping

Shipping is free and included in the price with any box you order.

Vaquero Beef Review – My Opinion

Vaquero ribeye steaks on a wooden cutting board

I have to be honest and tell you that I had never heard of the Vaquero Beef company.

I found that you can not just click on a box but you have to put in your email address first before you can access that part of the Vaquero Beef website.

However, now I found them I am sure I will order me some of these steaks very soon and see how they taste after grilling.

Since all steaks come from cows that are raised, slaughtered, cut, packaged, and shipped from the same company I am sure they will be great.

Eddie van Aken

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