Trimming A Whole Beef Brisket

whole brisket on a cutting board

Trimming a brisket might sound intimidating but it is not as hard as people think it is. Here you can see how to trim a Brisket step-by-step.

What Is A Brisket

A brisket is a cut of beef taken from the breast or lower chest of a cow.

To be able to successfully cook this large, tough cut of meat, low and slow cooking techniques will be needed., such as smoking on a stick smoker or one of the in popularity gaining pellet smokers.

This needs to be done to break down the collagen and fat, making it tender and flavorful.

A BBQ brisket is a popular meat cut used for a variety of barbecue dishes, including corned beef, pastrami, and Texas-style barbecue, and is used in many recipes.

Where Is The Brisket Located On A Cow?

location of a brisket on a cow

As you can see in the chart it is located at the front of the cow and that is why it has a lot of muscles in it,

Why Is It Important To Trim A Brisket?

Trimming needs to be done because it removes excess fat (also called sinew) which can have a negative impact on the taste of the meat and makes it easier to cut.

Besides, that is also that excess fat can be the cause of uneven cooking during the cooking process.

No trimming might leave a greasy, unappealing taste.

Sinew, or connective tissue, can make the brisket tough to chew if not removed.

Trimming also allows for optimal penetration of smoke and the used rub, and altogether you end up with better-tasting meat.

When you properly trim a brisket you will also have a more attractive presentation. It is recommended to separate the point and the flat, which are two distinct muscles.

The point and flat have different characteristics and are used in different recipes.

Overall, trimming a brisket is a step you should not skip in the BBQ process that can greatly improve the taste and texture especially when you use the right smoked brisket recipe.

Tools And Materials To Trim A Brisket

  • A sharp knife, such as a boning knife or a butcher knife, is what you need to make precise cuts and remove any excess fat or sinew.
  • A quality cutting board to provide a stable surface for trimming the brisket.
  • Disposable gloves are a must to keep the meat clean and avoid contamination.

It’s important to make sure that all the tools you use are clean and as sanitized as possible before using them, to avoid any cross-contamination of bacteria.

Trimming A Brisket – Step By Step

  • Begin by removing the hard fat cap that is located at the top of the brisket, use a very sharp knife to make a clean cut without using too much pressure.
  • The Next step is to remove any excess fat that sits under the fat cap. Don’t cut it all off. Leave a nice layer of fat, to help protect the meat during cooking.
  • Now it is time to separate the point and the flat, which are the two muscles in the brisket. The point is the thicker cut and is often used for burnt ends The flat is a much more leaner cut that is used for slicing and BBQ brisket sandwiches.
  • All that is left is to trim the edges of the brisket, removing any excess fat. This will give the brisket a nice and even appearance.


As have said many times I can type till my fingers are blue but a brisket trimming video can explain it so much better.

YouTube video player

Where To Buy A Brisket

There are many options to buy briskets. I have seen them in my local grocery store, Walmart, Costco, and many other stores.

One option that many people don’t think about is that you can order meat online and many online butchers sell high-quality briskets.

Trimming A Brisket – My Experience and Summary

Trimming a brisket is for me a step that is very important in smoking this popular piece of meat.

It will help to shape a brisket by removing excess fat that can negatively impact the texture and overall taste of the meat.

Excess fat needs to be removed since it can cause flare-ups. This by itself can cause an uneven cook during the smoking process and can contribute to a nasty flavor that can ruin the whole brisket.

The connective tissue can make the brisket tough and chewy if not properly removed. Trimming also allows for the smoke and rubs to penetrate better. This will improve the brisket by adding more flavor. It will also become a more attractive presentation.

Separating the point and the flat, the two muscles in the brisket, which each have different characteristics are used in different recipes.

Overall, trimming a brisket is one of the most crucial steps in the process and can greatly improve the taste and texture of the final product, leading to a better overall BBQ experience for you and your guest.

whole cooked and partially sliced brisket

Why Should You Learn How To Trim A Brisket

By trimming your brisket, you have full control over the final product and can tailor the trimming process to your preferences.

Trimming your brisket allows for a better understanding of the cut of meat, and how to prepare it for cooking. It also allows for better control over the balance of fat to meat, which can greatly affect the flavor and tenderness of the final product.

Besides all the pros I mentioned above, trimming your brisket can also save money. and make it easier to cut brisket in slices.

A butcher usually will charge you for this.  

It is my opinion and experience that trimming your brisket yourself will most of the time lead to a better overall BBQ experience, and it is also a valuable skill for any BBQ lover to learn.

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