Traeger Texas Pellet Grill Review

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Traeger Texas pellet grill review

After doing the Traeger Texas pellet grill reviews, there is a lot to say about this pellet grill. This was not an easy grill to review.
There is 2 kind of reviews.
The ones that love it and would buy it over and over again and the ones that really did not like it at all.

But to be honest there are more people that like this pellet grill.
The Traeger Texas Pellet grill is easy to use – Fill it with pellets, set your temperature and the grill does the rest is one of the most-heard pros we hear.
Recently this grill is made in China and many people regret that.

This Traeger Texas pellet grill review shows this is the kind of grill that you have to get used to. It seems it is a convection oven with a built-in smoker.

Most of the Traeger grill smoker reviews I read, and this includes the comments I read on forums and websites, say that the food tastes great and is perfect time after time, but there is a little learning curve.

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Grill surface of the Traeger Texas grill

With 646 sq. inches, this is a nice size grill

Material of the grate

The cooking grate is porcelain coated. This is a very popular material lately and my personal favorite

Features of this grill

There are some pretty nifty features we found in this Traeger Texas pellet grill review. We will mention all of them later in a table, but here are some we really like.

  • Drain system for grease
  • Digital LED thermostat
  • Four wheels
  • 20-gauge steel

Traeger Texas Pellet grill – Customer Reviews

“Although I have only had this Traeger grill for three weeks, I believe that it is A Perfect Combination of Grill and Smoker. Last night we did farmer ribs (these are large and have some fat on them). I followed the directions but ended up cooking them too long. Two Points….the ribs were perfect on the inside, still moist (that does not happen with a regular grill). And second is that I placed the individual ribs at every spot on the grill surface. They were all the same level of cooked. Usually the center placed units are more cooked and the perimeter pieces are a lot less. This feature in itself is fantastic….”

“I have two Webers for my steaks and chops. Everything else goes on my Traeger Texas. It is easy to use and it’s hard to screw up a meal. Their Customer Service is excellent and it comes with a three-year warranty. It’s a best buy….(read more here: Customer Review)”

Better Grill Rating: 4.5

Pros & Cons


I found many pros and cons in our Traeger Texas pellet grill review. The pros outweigh the cons, but we found quite a lot of them.

  • Great for slow cooking at a low temperature.
  • Set and forget system.
  • The digital controller works great. It’s called the crockpot of grills.
  • No more babysitting the food. Gives a good amount of smoke from the pellets.
  • Temp is pretty easy to adjust with the p-settings.
  • Customer support will help you with this if needed, but there is information all over the internet for this.
  • The shipping cost of the pellets is included in the price.


  • Lately made in china and not the USA. Made in the USA has welded legs, made in china bolted legs.
  • A lot of breakdowns are noted in reviews and the opinion about customer service varies from great to very bad.
  • Parts get shipped fast, but why do they break in the first place?
  • There should be a release on the underside to empty unused pellets out if you don’t want to use the same pellets.

After reading a lot of the Traeger Texas pellet grill reviews it seems a hit or miss situation with these pellet grills, but after all the initial problems most people are very happy with it.

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Features Overview:

GratePorcelain coated
material20 gauge steel
ignitionauto start ignition
volts110 volts
weight140 lbs

Traeger Texas pellet grill review – my opinion

It looks at first glance that this Traeger grill gets some bad reviews, but I have added them all up and come up with a lot more positive reviews than negative ones.
Do not use it for higher temperatures although some people mention that it works, more people tell me that it performs well at lower temperatures and not at higher temperatures.

It seems to me after reading a ton of Traeger Texas pellet grill reviews and reading on forums that this grill has some issues with the parts not working properly. But some users had no problem at all. I could not figure out if it was the Chinese make of the grill or if it got worse after that because there were reviews that they knew it was made in China and they had no problems at all.

This Traeger Texas pellet grill works well, but there were or are problems with parts going out. They are replaced very fast by the Traeger Company, but I wonder why they do not make the parts better or have a better internal quality inspection for this.

I understand, being a technician myself, that electronics, heat, and outside are not the best combinations.
As I mentioned I also see many reviews of people who do not have any problems even after years of use.

If your Traeger Texas pellet grill does not come with the new controller, think about changing to it, because we read a lot of good things about its 11 settings. It seems to work a lot better than the simple 3 steps older controller.
Especially the “shut down” option was mentioned as making the grill cool faster after using it and it gave less residue to clean up in the chamber.

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Besides a good grill cover for this grill, we recommend the folding table that you can attach to the front of the Traeger Texas.

folding table for Traeger pellet grill

Tips from real users

To add the folding table was a piece of advice we read a lot although it was also mentioned that with the price of this grill, it should be included.
Upgrade to the newer thermostat with the 11 settings if you can or try to buy this grill with this new controller included.

For the Traeger users in the colder climates adding one of the Traeger Insulation blankets is a tip I read. Many people in those areas recommend them.

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