Traeger Pro Series 34 Wood Pellet Grill Review

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traeger pro series 34 review

When I started on the Traeger pro series 34 review I did not know what to expect.

I was nicely surprised by all the positive things I read about this Traeger pro pellet grill.

As you can read later I gave this pellet grill a 4.6-star rating and I recommend it as a great buy It is in between the lower-priced and the higher-priced pellet grills and smokers.

Updated: April, 2024

“Very nice price for all the features you get and large enough for an average-sized family and a few guests.”

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Grill surface of the Traeger pro series 34

Why it is so hard to find the exact measurements in my Traeger BBQ pellet grill reviews I don’t understand because it is always one of the first things I like to know.
I found that the total cooking space is 884 square inches. But this was divided into two racks.

  • 646 Square inches main grate
  • 238 square inches secondary grate

With the generally excepted rule that you need about 72 sq inches per person, it means that the pro-34 should be big enough for 6 people.
This means in my opinion big enough for an average size family of 4 and some guests.
It comes with about 300 square inches more than the smaller Pro series 22 I reviewed.

Material Of The Grate

The second thing I always like to know is the material of the grates. The reason is that this is where your food will be on and some materials stick worse than others. it also has an effect on how easy it is to clean the grill grates.

The material that the Traeger Pro series 34 uses is enamel-coated steel. I read several times that this material is very easy to clean and is pretty much non-stick. A big pro in my opinion. On the website, they call it porcelain-coated, my favorite.

Features Of The Traeger 34 Pellet Grill

Here is an overview of the main features I found in the Traeger pro series 34 review. I will look at several of them later in the part where I write about my opinion. This is basically the list you can find on the Traeger website.

  • Hopper capacity 18 lbs
  • Hopper clean-out
  • Powder-coated steel material
  • New sturdy Sawhorse chassis
  • One side got big wheels.
  • One side got locking caster wheels
  • 2 temperature probes for your meat

Customer Reviews Of The Traeger Pro Series 34

This is always my favorite part if I did not have the chance to use a smoker myself. It is time-consuming but worth every minute.
This Traeger pro series 34 review is no exception. I found a ton of valuable information to justify my 4.6-star rating.

The first thing I noticed was the low number of people who gave it a bad rating compared to many other smokers I reviewed.

Temperature settings on the new AGL controller range from smoke to 180 and then in steps up to 350 Fahrenheit. After that, the only higher setting is called “high” and I read that it depends on the outside temperature on how hot it will get.

By the way, AGL stands for Advanced Grill Technology. Nice name, but that’s all it is. it checks the temperature every 15 seconds and I read that in most cases it keeps the temperature pretty close to where you want it.

Opening the lid will still drop the temperature, like all smokers, and after that when the controller kicks in a spike in temperature can happen.
With the two new probes, there is however not much need to open the lid anymore.

The variety of meat that people cooked on the Traeger 34 is a never-ending list. I even read someone cooked antelope on it.

The new sawhorse design makes it a very sturdy smoking machine and it seems like the grill is very well balanced for moving. The large wheels are also a big part of this. The smaller wheels are on the part that you lift up while moving it.

The internal temperature probe is placed close to the wall and outside temperature can sometimes influence the accuracy. A tip I found is to place a paper towel between the probe and the wall.

The grill walls do not have a lot of insulation, especially under the grates. This means that a strong blast of colder wind can make the Traeger pro series 34 have a little bit of a hard time keeping the temperature steady.

I read that the use of the Traeger BAC345 insulation blanket is a great solution for this.

Better Grills Rating: 4.7

Review Video

I found a nice video that explained it probably even better than I did for you.

YouTube video player

Pros & Cons


In a review, I always include the pros and cons section to make it easier to find all this information in one place.
Here are the things I found doing this Traeger Pro series 34 review.

  • Price Value
  • Enough grill space
  • Two meat probe thermometers
  • Hopper clean-out
  • Nice 18 lbs hopper
  • New digital controller


  • No front folding table
  • Still temperature fluctuations
  • The highest temperature is a guess

Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill – My Opinion

After doing the Traeger pro series 34 review and based on my findings you can read here what I think of it and why I gave it a 4.6 rating.
Overall I think that this pellet grill gives a good bang for your buck.

I think it is a perfect model in between the lower-priced and the (much) higher-priced pellet grills on the market.

It does not come with a PID controller but a so-called AGL controller.
The difference is that PID constantly adjusts the speed of the auger that feeds the pellets and the AGL reads all the time but adjusts only once a minute. Overall it keeps the temperature at 15 degrees of the setpoint and is a very big upgrade from the old PD controller.

I think that the LED panel with its bright blue numbers is easy to read. And the controls are easy to use. Setting the temperature is as easy as on your kitchen oven. Some people advised keeping the grill open while it is in start-up mode. This makes it get on temperature faster they claim.

The use of pellets is still something I think you have to include in a review of a pellet grill or smoker. When you use it a lot it can add up.
What I found as an average use of pellets for the Traeger Pro series 34 are:

  • High heat uses about 2 lbs an hour
  • Medium heat uses about 1 lb an hour
  • Low heat use about 1/2 lbs an hour

Although this is a nice size grill it is very easy to move with the large wheels on one side and the caster wheels on the other side.
The caster wheels are on the side you have to pick up when you move the grill and I read that it is pretty balanced and not hard to do.

I think this is a big plus because most of the time you will put it back in the garage or shed after use because of the electronics in the unit.
What I found is that the legs are made pretty thick, which makes it even easier to move.

I was wondering, and I am not the only one, what the difference was between the Pro-34 I and the Texas-34 that is still on my list.
I found quite a few differences and one of them is the sturdy sawhorse legs I talked about before. The Texas model comes with what is generally called cart-style legs.

The two temperature probes are of course a big plus compared to the Texas-34 which does not have these.
The second grate in the pro series makes this model able to load a lot more food.

In my opinion, the Pro Series 34 which is in general about 100 dollars higher in price is worth the difference in price.
The hopper clean-out on the pro series alone is worth the difference for me personally.

My only concern about the Traeger pro series 34 is the temperature for grilling. I am not sure if the 450 degrees I read was the highest temperature that would make it able to grill some burgers. But I read many times that people did it on this pellet grill.


Recommendations from us on other products that will make it easier or better to use the Traeger pellet grill 10251 pro series 34 BRZ pellet grill.

Like always we recommend the use of a high-quality grill cover even if you store it in your garage.
You can find the Traeger BAC380 grill cover here on their website.

The second thing is the folding table in the front. It has been mentioned many times that this was something that should come with the grill, but unfortunately, it has to be bought separately and you can find it here.

to save on cleaning the small drip pan you can buy these Traeger bucket liners here at Amazon.

The lid of the grill can leak some smoke and temperature which is why we and some users recommend using a smoker gasket in between.
Here is one that came recommended by a few people.

Tips from real users

  • A gasket on the door will keep the smoke and temperature better inside.
  • Use a Traeger insulation cover and it will keep the temp even more stable. also safes on pellets
  • someone connected it to a downspout to keep the smoke away from the patio
  • A Cover is a must for storage and weather.

You can find all Traeger grills here on their website.

I hope you enjoyed this Traeger Pro series 34 pellet grill review and found all the answers you were looking for.

If you have any questions left feel free to contact me. If you have to add something and have used the Traeger Pro series 34 feel free to do so.

The Traeger customer support got some mixed reviews, but if something is wrong with your grill they send out a new part pretty fast.
They have, and many others too, a lot of recipes and helpful videos available to help you get started or even improve your grilling.

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