Traeger Lil Tex Elite Review

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In the Traeger lil Tex Elite review read this is what can be called a set and forget pellet grill.
I have heard someone call the lil Tex elite a lazy mans grill.
How does it work?: Fill the hopper with your preferred pellet, start it, set your temperature, and put your meat on it.
That is all you have to do.

The results are pretty darned good. Due to the thermostat, the temperature stays constant and that is a big advantage over charcoal or propane gas.
With the use of 2 lbs/hr pellets on high, 1 lb/hr on medium, and 1/2 lb/hr when smoking you can use the 20 lb pellets for a lot of cooking with this pellet smoker.

But there is a lot more to tell about this Traeger lil tex elite 22 pellet grill.

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Grill surface of the Traeger Lil Tex Elite grill

418 Sq. inches. 22 x 19 Big enough for at least 16 burgers.

Material of the grate


Features of the Traeger lil tex elite grill

20.000 BTU
4 wheels for easy moving
Thermostat controlled
Powder coat finish

Customer Reviews of the Traeger Lil Tex

“I recently purchased this Lil’ Texas from Costco and have been smoking any kind of meat for about 3 weeks, it is amazing! Everything I cooked turned out just perfect. So far we tried pork shoulder, tuna steaks, pizza, chicken breasts and entire family loved the taste. I generally use hickory wood pellets but sometimes I mix it with apple if I’m smoking pork. I highly recommend this smoker to everyone, their technical service is also so friendly and helpful. Oh! do not forget to check the recipes on their web site!…”

There is a learning curve with the Traeger. The good news is there are so many websites and videos on youtube about how to cook with a Traeger you can become an aficionado in no time at all. That said for the best results I recommend following the directions on the Traeger site for some of your first attempts to get used to it. We use our Traeger about 2-3 times a week all year long. It is great for smoking as you can set it with the pellets and walk away without much maintenance. As long as the auger is working and there are pellets in the box the temperature will remain low and only smoke the meat on the grill surface….(read more here: Traeger lil Tex Review)”

Better Grills Rating: 4.1

Pros & Cons



The Traeger pellet smokers come from a company with a reputation. This is something I can find back in all the reviews and forums I visit to research these grills.
The easy-to-use configuration and the constant temperatures that translate themselves into great cooked dishes over and over are the things you can read over and over.
This grill comes with some assembly, but this is not a big deal. In about 8 steps the grill is ready for use. It is important to follow the first-time use instructions in the manual to get started and season the grill.
After that, it is basically a set-and-forget grill.
Set a timer and check on your cooking when you think it is done.
The pellets are the only expense you have besides a little electricity of course. This Traeger little Tex elite pellet grill does not use too many pellets, but this also depends on the temperature settings.



One of the most heard cons I could find is the fact that this grill sometimes comes with defective parts or parts that break down real fast.
The firm Traeger is very fast with its customer service and ships and replaces defective parts fast.
I read more positive the negative reviews and threats on forums, but it is something to keep in mind.
The temperature setting can be changed with the co-called P-settings and the help-desk of Traeger can help with that, but I think it would be better if it was mentioned in the manual.
The manual is mentioned as very limited and does not contain enough information.
I read that the newer models are made in China and are not of the same quality, but I can not get that confirmed anywhere.


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Traeger lil Tex elite review – My Opinion

Traeger Lil Tex elite review shows it takes about 8 steps to assemble and is very easy to do with all tools included.

58% of the reviews I read had a 5-star rating, however, 22% had a 1-star rating. Seems like you have a grill that works great or you get one that has some problems. With the Traeger Company being very helpful and fast with replacing parts I would think that they realize this and try to solve the problems as fast and as easily possible.

So, after all, this grill comes recommended by a lot of people and even very experienced grillers that say that they never touch their gas grill anymore after purchasing the Traeger lil tex elite.

The quality of the Traeger lil’ tex elite grill is not as good as when it was made in America instead of China, some reviews mention it, but I could not find any proof of that statement. Only that the legs now are bolted and they were welded in the past on the American-made Traeger grills.

After doing this Traeger lil tex elite pellet grill reviews it is my opinion that if you want to take a small chance of having to fight an initial problem and dealing with customer service, this grill works really well and provides very good constant food. The use of pellets is always a subject of course because this is what you buy. The Traeger lil elite uses not so many pellets according to many users.
There is hardly any residue left after cooking especially when you use the cooldown timer, which was also mentioned as a safer way to shut the grill down.

As always one of the things I recommend is a good grill cover to protect your grill.

With a 4.1 star rating on Amazon, you can not go wrong.

Traeger lil tex elite accessories

There are several accessories for the Traeger Lil Tex Elite available and as always one of the things I recommend is a good grill cover to protect your grill.

  • Folding shelf
  • Insulation blanket
  • Grill cover
traeger lil tex elite cover


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Tips From Real Users I found in the Traeger lil tex elite reviews

Use a shop vac to clean the ashes every few times you use the grill
The igniter rod is just to get the pellets started and turn off after that. One real user mentioned that his ignition rod went out and he used a starter gel to get the pellets going and then the auger and fan take over as normal.
It is impossible to keep this grill totally clean so don’t even try.
This is not a great grill but great for low and slow. The temperature is not high enough for searing.

Videos from youtube.

As always I try to find a YouTube video about the products I review. This Traeger lil tex elite review is no exception.

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has years of experience in running his full-service restaurant and with this came working with using and dealing with all types of kitchen equipment. With his experience, he can find all the pros and cons of grills and add them to the grill reviews he is doing. You can read more on the about page for Eddie van Aken

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