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Answering the question if you can use your Traeger in the winter I can answer with Yes, But it will work better with a Traeger insulation cover.

I did and still do a lot reading about pellet grills and trying to find all the pros and cons for you.

One thing I found after doing a lot of pellet grill reviews here is that it is hard to keep them cooking when temperatures drop below 35 degrees.

If you have one of the Traeger pellet grills there is a perfect solution and that is to cover your grill with an insulation cover or Traeger winter blanket like some people call them.

I had a look at the available sizes for the different Traeger models.
Many people call them the Traeger 34 series insulation blankets.

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1. BAC344

2. BAC345

3. BAC346

3. My opinion


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This Traeger insulation blanket 34 is made to fit the:

  • Li’l Tex
  • 22 Traeger series


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This Traeger insulation blanket is made for the:

  • All Texas models
  • 34 Traeger series


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The BAC346 insulation blanket is made for the:

  • Junior series
  • 20 models Traeger series

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My opinion of the Traeger insulation covers

After reading a lot of comments on consumer websites like Amazon and on forums I think these Traeger Insulation blankets are pretty good.

I have seen people using regular welding blankets. Although they can give some great help in keeping the cold out, a special made insulating blanket for a certain model will, in my opinion, do a better job because it fits better.

I read from people in the colder northern states and even from Canada that they were able to keep the temperature perfect.

If you like to use your Traeger pellet grill in the colder season do not have a heated garage or shed I think these pellet grill insulation blankets are a great investment.

Remember that several brands like Costco and Cabelas offer the Traeger grills with a custom lid and depending on the model they will also fit these grills.

here are the models again.
1. BAC344

2. BAC345

3. BAC346

I always recommend the use of a grill cover in general, but I urge you to use a Traeger cover as I looked at, because of the electronics and the fact that water can run into the pellet hopper.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have an opinion about the Traeger insulation cover.

I tried to find information to help you, but in the future, I may do a whole Traeger insulated cover review to help you even more.

If you have used one let us know in the comments how it worked out and at what temperatures. Did it affect the cooking time?

Eddie van Aken

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