Traeger Cover

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Traeger Cover

A Traeger cover is highly recommended if you use one of their popular pellet grills. Even when you move it into your shed or garage after using it it is better to cover it up.

The reason is the electronic and the fact that water can enter the pellet hopper and you would try to avoid both of these situations.

I have done many Traeger wood grill reviews and I can safely say that a grill cover is one of the best investments you can do to protect your pellet grill.

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All the models have different sizes so there is no one size fits all. Although there are grill covers that are made for a certain Traeger series. Here you can find the covers I found that are worth the money.

There are special Traeger insulation covers that you can find to keep your grill at a more constant temperature in the colder season and they also help it use fewer pellets for that reason.

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