Traeger Cover

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Traeger Cover

A Traeger cover is highly recommended if you use one of their popular pellet grills. Even when you move it in you shed or garage after using it it is better to cover it up.

Reason is the electronic and the fact that water can enter the pellet hopper and you would try to avoid both of these situations.

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1. BAC 375

2. BAC 380

3. BAC 379

4. BAC 374

5. More Traeger covers

6. My opinion

Let’s have a look at the most popular model and what of the Traeger pellet grills we reviewed they will fit and are performing.

Traeger BAC 375

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The BAC375 is also called the Traeger full-length cover and will fit the Traeger select pro and Select Elite grill.
The dimensions are 57″ long, 21″ wide and 50″ high.
The weight is 5.7 pounds.

Traeger BAC 380

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Traeger BAC380

The Traeger BAC380 will fit the Traeger Texas and the Traeger prod 34 models. The Dimensions are 49″ long, 22″ wide and 39″ high.

Traeger BAC 379

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Traeger BAC379

The Traeger BAC379 full length cover will fit the Treager Lil’s Tex and theie Pro 22 pellet grills.

The Traeger BAC379 is also a full-length cover and has the following size. 35″ long, 22″ wide and 39″ high.

Traeger BAC 374

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Traeger BAC374

This cover will fit the Traeger 20 series, junior and some other models and it measures. 32″ long, 22″ wide and 38″ long.

More Traeger Covers

If one of the Traeger pellet grill covers I had a look at here is not the one you are looking for or if you like to read some more reviews and opinions you can –> Click here <– To see them all at one page.

My opinion about Traeger grill covers

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After reading a lot of the comments and reviews on many sites and forums I think it is safe to say that the Traeger Grill covers are of a very decent quality and do what they are designed for.

Are there better covers to find? I guess it all has to do with what you are willing to pay. For every product you can find the top of the line and pay top dollars.

The Traeger grills can not be kept outside. That means in my opinion that your cover will not get to much explosion to the sun and rain. That also means that you can get away with a somewhat lower quality.

I also wrote a post about the Traeger insulation blanket or cover and that this is a great addition if you like to use your Traeger in colder weather or even in the wintertime.

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