Traeger Controller Replacement (Very Easy To Do In A Few Minutes)

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Traeger Bac365 Pro Series Controller

Traeger controller replacement is not hard to do and can be done with some basic tools most people have at home.

Some people like to do a Traeger controller upgrade because they like to switch to a PID controller instead of the non-PID controller.

There are also times that a controller just needs to be replaced because it is broken.

Others are not happy with the performance of some Traeger controllers and ask can you change the Traeger controller as I found several times in the Traeger grill reviews I did

Difference between PID and non-PID Controllers

I am not an electronics expert but this is my version of the difference.

Non-PID controllers

The temperature sensor tells the auger to add more pellets when the temperature is low and fewer pellets when the temperature is too high. Most of the time there are just 3 settings. Normal speed, higher speed, and slower speed.

Every brand does this in a different way. Some just adjust the auger speed and others do this just for a certain amount of time and then go back to the standard setting.

This keeps the temperature in most cases within a nice temperature range of 20 degrees.

PID controllers

This type of controller takes it to a higher level and continuously measures the temperature in your grill and adjusts the auger speed continually and sometimes even the speed of the fan.

Altogether this results in a very accurate temperature and for the Rec Tec grills, I have read that it in many cases stays within 2 degrees.

There are several aftermarket Traeger controllers available. It is up to you to use a Traeger or another brand. It might affect the warranty of your Traeger.

If you like to know more you can read my article on what is a PID controller.

How to do a Traeger controller replacement

I could write a whole webpage filled with how to do a Traeger controller replacement or upgrade but found a great video that shows the whole process step by step.

I don’t know about you but it seems pretty easy to do.

Aftermarket Traeger controller

Aftermarket Traeger controller

I have read great reviews of off-brand controllers that fit and work great with the Traeger grills.

If you had a chance to read my Z-grill review you know that they probably also built the Traegers and that means that you can use the same controller upgrade for Z-grills.

To be honest I think there are several brands that use the same manufacturer.

It is up to you to decide if you go this route or stay faithful to the Traeger brand.

The one on the picture on the left got some great ratings, but just from a few buyers.

There are many more available at many online stores.

Here is a link to Amazon with all the ones I think could be a great Traeger controller replacement.
Traeger Controllers I found on Amazon.

I hope you found all the answers to the questions you had about the Traeger controller replacement.

However, recently I found that many brands use the same controller in their pellet smokers and most of the ones on this page can be used for other brands than just Traeger.

Altogether it is a good idea to change to the newer controller if you still have the older one.

Eddie van Aken

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