Traeger 2015 Pro series

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Traeger made some really great improvements to their already great pellet smokers.
Here are the most important ones.

The Traeger 2015 digital pro controller

This will allow you to set your temperature from 150 to smoke and all the way up to 450 to sear.
This new Traeger controller also has the option to use dual meat probes to give us the temperature on 2 pieces of meat at once. No more need for an additional meat thermometer maybe.

Hopper clean-out

This is a feature that many pellet smoker owners have been waiting for.
This is an easy way to empty you hopper and change to a different flavor of pellets.
No more need to scoop and still not get your hopper empty all the way.
This is a real nice feature to make our lives a lot easier.

Additional Grill shelf on the Traeger 2015 pro series

They have added an extra grill shelf to give us more space to smoke.
This should add an additional 30% of grilling space to the Traeger Grill

Stamped in new Traeger Logo

This is not really adding any grilling advantage but the logo is now stamped in the Grill and this embossed logo looks a lot better.

As soon as I find out more about the added features I will add these to this article.
Or we will review it on our Traeger Grill Reviews page
I am very interested in the features of the new digital controller in the Traeger pro 2105 series to see if it is comparable with some other brands. Have look a the traeger website to read more.

Eddie Vandam

2 comments for “Traeger 2015 Pro series

  1. Cory
    September 11, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    The real test is if it will hold a steady, accurate temp… The older ones can jump all over the place

    • September 13, 2014 at 9:50 am

      I agree with you. I have read great things about the old ones and I have read about people having a great deal of problems with keeping the temperature accurate.
      I will contact Traeger to see if I can get some more information on this new digital pro controller.
      Thank you for your reaction.

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