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I was starting to hear more and more about The Meatery and decided to have a good look at this company that sells Wagyu beef.

What I found out is that they specialize in Wagyu Beef and specialty cuts of Wagyu.

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There are 4 categories that you can visit on their home page.

  • Japanese Wagyu
  • Australian Wagyu
  • Olive fed Wagyu
  • Specialty Wagyu Cuts.

Let’s have a good look at The Meatery Wagyu to see what the difference are between the 4 categories

Japanese A5 Wagyu

The Meatery Japanese Wagyu

There is no doubt that the A5 Japanese Wagyu can probably be considered the top of the line. The A5 is mention for its beautiful marbling.

A5 Wagyu is most of the time eaten in small thin sliced portions between 2 and 5 ounces.

I found 21 cuts of A5 Wagyu in this section on The Meatery.

You can find them all by clicking here!

Australian Wagyu

The Meatery Australian Wagyu

The Australian Wagyu Differse from A5 by the fact that the texture is a little heavier and comes closer to the steak we are used to eating.

The marbling is also a little less intense and about 50 % less compared to the A5

I found 21 cuts of Wagyu in that section of The Meatery website.

You can find all Australian Wagyu by clicking here!

Olive Fed Wagyu

The Meatery olive fed Wagyu

Olive-fed Wagyu is mentioned as one of the best kinds of beef produced here in the USA.

The name gives it away already that they are fed a diet that contains olives and this gives it that unforgettable taste everybody is talking about.

Although this meat is very unique there are still 12 cuts to choose from.

You can find all Olive-Fed Wagyu by clicking here!

Specialty cuts

The picture above shows one of the 14 Wagyu specialty cuts I found on The Meatery.

I found, just to mention a few, Picanha, ground beef, skirt steak, and even beef bacon.

The website mentions that these items will change based on availability.

Have a look at all the Special Cuts here!

The Meatery – Summary

Looking at The Meatery Wagyu I think it is safe to mention that they have a nice selection. The fact that they specialize in Wagyu and do not sell other meats shows how passionate they are.

It is hard to compare prices but it seems to me that the prices are a little lower than in other stores I found.

However, although a kind of new kid on the block, I have found already several people who tried The Meatery and mentioned the very good quality.

If you feel that you have read enough you can have a look at their website here and see for yourself.

Eddie van Aken

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