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Rating: 4.5 Reviewed by Eddie

T-Fal Optigrill Reviews
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Better Grills Rating for the T Fal Optigrill: 4.5 stars

After doing the T-Fal Optigrill reviews I have to be honest and tell you that I am impressed with the result of the two T Fal optigrill models. The T-Fal GC702 Optigrill and the T-Fal GC722D53 Optigrill plus or t-fal optigrill xl as some people call it. The t-fal optigrill price is a little higher than other grills and you have to decide if it worth the extra money. You can make that decision after reading the whole T Fal optigrill grill review. Like in all my reviews I try to be as thorough as possible and provide you with all the pros and cons of this T-Fal electric indoor Optigrill.

many people look for the optigrill vs optigrill plus and I have to be honest it was not easy to find, but there are some big differences.

The Optigrill GC702 comes with 6 automatic cooking programs and a fixed temperature setting. The Optigrill Plus GC712 comes with  6 automatic programs and 4 temperature settings.

Part of the T-fal optigrill reviews was to find what the Tefal optigrill vs optigrill plus for differences showed.
We have put them all here for you.
Optigrill servings and cooking programs

  • Optigrill has 4 servings and 6 cooking programs
  • Optigrill plus has 8 servings and 9 cooking programs

Optigrill options

  • 4 servings grill surface
  • Programs for Burgers, Poultry, Sausage, Red meat, Mammal and fish

Optigrill plus options

  • 6 servings grill surface
  • Programs for Burgers, Poultry, Sausage, Red meat, Manual, and fish like the Optigrill.
  • Extra programs for Sandwich, Bacon, and Shellfish

What both OptiGrills have

  • Both have the preheating ready indicator lights
  • Both have the Sound warning for Rare, Medium, and Well done
  • Both have the mode for cooking frozen food and Manual mode with 4 settings
  • Both are 1800 Watts

Grill surface and temperature

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While doing the t fal optigrill reviews we found that both are 1800 Watts and this is high compared to most other indoor electric grills.
There are no complaints about the Optigrill not getting hot enough. It is recommended to use the pre-heat function since it will take a little time for the grill to reach its optimum temperature.

Measurements of the T Fal Opti Grill

  • Optigrill plus measures 14.5 x 15.7 x 9.01 inch
  • Optigrill measures 13 x 14 x 6 inch

I have contacted the T-Fal support to find the exact measurements of the grill plates since I was not able to find them anywhere. The plates are made of Cast aluminum and coated with a Teflon non-stick coating.

I received an email back and the sizes of the plates are:

  • 12 5/8 inch wide
  • 8 3/4 inch deep

Cleaning the t-fal optigrill

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Cleaning the Optigrill is pretty straightforward with the non-stick surface. Both the grill plates as the drip pan are dishwasher safe.
A warning I found is that some detergents in combination with the water can damage the non-stick surface. Hand washed is also really easy and not hard to do.
This makes it my recommendation to do a hand wash with the grill plates.

More Features of the optigrill

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I am always interested in the length of the power cord since this can determine where you can place an indoor grill.
The cord is 47.2 inches long. I think this is a little longer than average.

Floating hinges and the thickness sensor are two of the main features since they decide on the thickness of the meat and the temperature and cooking time the pre-programmed option uses. The Optigrill can handle meat up to 1.5 inches according to the manual, but I read that people cooked slightly thicker meats on there with no problem.

The manual warns not to use meat with bones since this will throw of the sensor that reads the thickness of the meat. I have read that many people use it anyway with no problem.

The only important thing is to make sure your meat is of even thickness as possible. Pounding or cutting to make it even is highly recommended for the best result.

The option to cook meat straight out of the freezer and cook it got some really good ratings. This opens up the option for a last-minute steak dinner decision and not having to wait till the meat thaws out.

The die-cast aluminum grill plates are non-stick and easy to clean and dishwasher safe. They are also easily removable.
The slightly angled plates will help the grease flow into the drip pan very easily and fast.

The drip pan is very large and easy to remove with a kind of handle and is total dishwasher safe. But like I mentioned before it is my opinion that hand-washed will make it last longer.

The T-fal optigrill problems are sometimes that it will only stay or go to manual and not wanted to go to the program mode.

One person mentioned that he found that the plate was not inserted right and that was causing the sensor in the hinges not to register the thickness. Another user mentioned that he contacted T-fal and they helped him re-calibrate the Optigrill over the phone. This means that there are steps you can take if the optigrill only manual mode problem shows up.

Another user mentioned that you should never put the meat on the grill before the grill is preheated and ready to cook. Here are the steps you have to take that will explain how to use the T-fall optigrill.

  • Power on
  • Select meat or sandwich
  • Press OK
  • Wait until warms up and cycles a few times
  • Put meat or sandwich on the grill and close lid

Opening the grill before the cooking is done makes it turn into manual mode is what I found in the manual.
There is a recipe book included in the package.

Although the programmed options are easy to use and I have read several times that they work pretty well. The Optigrill still has the option to cook manually. This is necessary if you like to grill vegetables on the grill or have your own recipes that need to be cooked in the manual mode.

The indicator lights in combination with the beeps for rare, medium, and well done are a nice feature so that you do not have to use a kitchen timer.

Video from T-fal company about Optigrill

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I personally am a big fan of using a thermometer when I cook meat, This will help you determine when the meat is at the right doneness. You can have a look at our thermometers reviews we did here

Pros and cons we found in the T fal optigrill reviews

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  • Great grill marks
  • Plates easy to remove
  • Gets pretty hot
  • Large drip tray
  • Easy to clean


  • Can’t handle uneven thickness of the meat
  • Plates have no handle

To be honest I have to mention that most indoor grills can not handle the uneven thickness of the meat.

Customer reviews of the Optigrill by T-fal

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After spending a lot of time on consumer websites, the manufacturer website, and some forums reading through a ton of optigrill reviews I think that the average ratings we have found are a true and honest reflection of all the information we used to write this Optigrill reviews.

Price of the Optigrill and Optigrill plus

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To find the Tefal optigrill best price we did a lot of searching and found the price is to be a little higher than some other indoor electric grills. But taking into consideration all the options and the ease of use of this indoor grill the price is actually not that high compared to other big-name brands that perform sometimes less well than the Optigrill does. You can click on one of the links on this T-Fal opti grill review and it will take you there.
We can recommend the T-fal Optigrill as one of the best indoor electric grills we have reviewed.

price for the Optigrill and Optigrill plus

T Fall optigril troubleshooting

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I have not found too many problems for the optigrill or optigrill XL, but it seems that sometimes it flips into manual mode.

Here is the way to reset your optigrill according to the T-fall customer service.

  • Plug the grill into an electric outlet.
  • Press these 3 buttons at the same time (hamburger, fish, and M).
  • The steak button will red flash 3 times and then becomes solid red.
  • Open the grill and place a (1″ – 1.5″) thick wooden spoon on the bottom plate.
  • Close the grill and press the steak button, will red flash 3 times and then becomes solid red.
  • Now unplug the grill and wait for 20 sec.
  • Plug it again it should be good to go

How do you use T Fal OptiGrill

I have talked about this briefly above and there is not much difference between the OptiGrill or most other indoor grills. Just turn it on and let it heat up at the right setting and wait for it to cycle two or three times to make sure the whole grate is warm.

What can you cook on a Tefal OptiGrill?

You can cook many types of food on the OptiGrill. From meat and fish to sandwiches and anything in between. Have a look at the complimentary cook book in the box to get even more ideas.

More electric indoor grill reviews

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You can read more indoor grill reviews of other brands and models on our top-rated indoor grill reviews page.

Indoor electric grill safety

Although we all think that it is safe to use any indoor grill it is still my advice to never leave it unattended and keep your eyes on it.

  • The advice from many fire-brigades is to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for emergencies. This is a great recommendation for any household I think.
  • Keep young children away from your indoor grill and also make sure that the power cord is not in a place that you can easily pull it.
  • Only use a ground fault outlet
  • Let it cool off before removing the grill plates

All these recommendations are also valid for the T-Fal optigrill Plus also of course.

T-fal OptiGrill reviews – Conclusion

I hope that our t fal optigrill reviews helped you decide if the Tefal OptiGrill is any good. I think this can be the indoor electric grill for your situation and way of cooking. I can only say that I was impressed with what people wrote about them.

The choice optigrill vs optigrill plus is yours and also depends on your specific needs.

Share your experience with your T-Fal optigrill in the comments below.

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has run his own full-service restaurant for many years. Before that, he worked as a grill and buffet cook in some of the mainstream restaurants. With his experience using professional kitchen equipment, he is able to write expert reviews. You can read more about Eddie van Aken here.

13 thoughts on “T Fal Optigrill Reviews”

  1. I have an OptiGrill+XL and find that it smokes from the back area while pre-heating without any oil on it. Is this a fault with all of these models or do I have a faulty grill

    1. Sharon,
      I am not sure what could cause this. Is it a new grill or have you used it for a while?
      Maybe some oil or grease leaked in and is burning off when you pre-heat it?
      I never use oil on mine, to be honest.
      Let me know if it also does it when you do not use oil.

    2. I have had the optigrill+XL since Christmas 2018. I have not used oil on the grills as I have only used it for meats which have a small amount of fat on them. After the grill pre-heats the smoke smell seems to go away> I have checked the outside surface and also the inside where the heating coils are under the grills and no fat. I don’t really know if it is a fat smell or electrical

    3. Sharon,
      An electric burn smells totally different than a smell from burning fat and most of the time does not stop.
      Electric smells like you have a fire with burning plastic.

      I think that if it was electric the unit would stop working, I am however no expert in that field.

      Maybe you can take it to the store where you bought it?
      Or call 1 (800) 395-8325, this is the T-fal customer service number.

      You can also contact them online through this page on their website:

      Sorry I can not help any further you with this.
      let us know if you found out something, please.


    4. I contacted T-fal and they claim there is no problem with these grills. So I returned it and ordered a second. I washed the grills, then preheated for first use. There was a smell, which I claimed was just the first preheating. When I used the grill the second time I had smoke from the back area, like the first. Taking this back and getting another brand. Not happy.

  2. I would like to know which is the most current and best Opti Grill Plus, the 6C702D53 or the 54? What is the difference between the two? I am a little confused on this.

  3. I had a smaller indoor grill that I used constantly until it just wore out. I started with a smaller grill with limited features to see if I would truly use it. Now that I am “hooked,” I am looking for a larger grill with more options and functions. Thanks for the opti-grill and opti-grill XL comparisons because your information was crucial in my decision. I caution anyone comparison shopping to make sure they double check which grill “pops up.” Not every retailer carries the XL and will show the smaller opti-grill.

    1. Karen,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I noticed the same about the opti grill plus. It took me a while to find the real difference with the regular.
      Glad my review helped you out.
      Hope you enjoy some great food from it.

  4. Paula,
    You are right and I guess I have to start paying more attention to that.
    More and more people use their indoor grill not just for meat anymore but for all kind of other food including vegetables.
    I think this grill is great for veggies by the way.
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. This was a helpful review! I couldn’t find the difference between the Opti Grill and the Optigrill Plus anywhere else!

    1. You are very welcome. That is one of the reasons I do these reviews. Sometimes the information is hard to find.
      If I have to I contact the manufacturer like I did here.

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