Spitjack Magnum Meat Injector Review

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spitjack magnum meat injector
I decided to do a separate review of the Spitjack Magnum meat injector. The reason is that this marinade injector is very popular and gets some high ratings.
The Spitjack magnum review will tell you all about the 4 ways to buy this meat and marinade injector gun.

Table of Contents

1. Features
2. Customer Reviews
3. Pros & Cons
4. Summary
5. Recommended
6. 4 choices for the Spitjack injector

There are 4 options to buy the Spitjack magnum meat injector


Table of Contents (click on one of the 4 options!)
1. Spitjack 2 needles
2. Spitjack 3 needles
3. Spitjack 4 needles
4. Spitjack 4 needles and case
5. Spitjack case

Amazon Rating: 4.7

Spitjack magnum features

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  • 5.5 inches long needles
  • Adjustable dose
  • 2-ounce capacity
  • Made in the USA

Customer reviews of this Spitjack meat injector

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“This injector is definitely a great tool to use. It makes you feel like a professional, even if your not. It’s much heavier duty than I expected, which is great, no fear of it breaking easily. I’ve used it a few times already and it made the job of injecting much more effortless, giving you complete control over the amount of marinade you inject into your meat. The dial flow gauge is a nice feature to have on it. One thing I would have liked to have had included in the kit is a smaller sized needle along with the two sent…

“THis thing is absolutely the best injector out there. I looked at a lot of the other ones before I bought this, but when I saw it in person for the first time, I knew that this is what I wanted. The pictures don’t do it justice. It is extremely heavy duty and is solidly constructed. The only parts that I would worry about breaking would be the needles and the plastic tube, all of which you can get replacements on the spitjack site. I have even bent the needle pretty badly and then was able to straighten it out without an issue…(read more: here

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Pros and Cons of the Spitjack

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  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Sturdy
  • Competition quality

    Not too easy to find cons but here are a few of the minor cons we found.

  • Little high priced
  • Not to easy to clean

    Our opinion of the spitjack marinade injector

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    Click here to find the best prices on AmazonAfter reading a lot of the reviews and comments and looking at the ratings we have to admit that this is one of the first products we review that has so many 5 star ratings. We could find no ratings lower than 4 stars.

    To be honest it was hard to find any negative opinions about this meat injector.
    What got most of the good remarks was the sturdy built of the Spitjack injector. Some people were worried about the plastic housing, but they all admitted after using it that was nothing to worry about.

    If you look for a marinade or meat injector that will save you time and make it easy to inject a pre-set amount of marinade this is the injector to go for.
    With 4 sets to choose from, there is one that fits your needs without a doubt.
    Although the price is a little high we can highly recommend this product.

    4 buying options for Spitjack marinade injector

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    The Spitjack can be bought in 4 versions. They all contain the same meat injector but you have to choose the 2 needles, 3 needles, 4 needles or 4 needles in a case to protect and store. If you have a Spitjack and just need the case then there is that option also.

    Spitjack magnum injector gun 2 needles

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    spitjack magnum 2 needle

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    The two-needle Spitjack magnum comes with a needle with open end for a marinade with small particles and the other one is closed and got 2x 3 holes in the side for mainly liquid solutions.
    For most people, this is a good set to start with.

    Spitjack magnum with 3 needles

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    spitjack magnum with 3 needles

    <==Click on picture to see price on Amazon

    The one with the three needles also has besides the two we mentioned already a needle that has a larger opening at the tip that has a 3/8″ opening for marinades that contain larger particles.

    Spitjack magnum meat injector gun with 4 needles

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    spitjack magnum 4 needles

    <==Click on picture to see price on Amazon

    The Spitjack with the 4 needle package has an additional thinner needle with an opening of 1/8″ for smaller cuts of meat.
    This thin needle will make marinating smaller pieces of meat easier and does not leave “big” holes like the other ones would do.

    Spitjack meat injector ready to go kit

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    spitjack magnum kit

    <==Click on picture to see price on Amazon

    The Spitjack magnum meat injector kit comes with all the above and it all comes in a nice case for easy storage and keeping your needles organized.
    This also makes a perfect gift for any griller.

    Spitjack magnum storage case

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    spitjack storage case

    <==Click on picture to see price on Amazon

    If you have a Spitjack magnum meat injector already and need the case to store it in then this is where you can order one.

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