Best Smoker Recipes – For Beginners And Experts

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smoker recipes

Throughout the years I have used a lot of smoker recipes. Some of them were great and some of them were not worth using again.

Here is a list of my personal recipes that I have tested on my smokers and adjusted to my, and my family’s, personal taste.

Tested Smoker Recipes

Most of my smoker recipes, if not all of them can also be made on a pellet smoker and electric smoker. However, I might make a separate page for them in the future to make it easier for the readers here to find what they are looking for.

You can read my Pellet Smoker recipes on the page I made of them

What Temperature Do You Smoke Meat?

Keeping a consistent temperature of 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (107 to 121 Celsius) is the key to smoking meat.

Types Of Smokers

There are many types of smokers that you can use and there is also a variety in the fuel you can use to smoke meat.

I have used several types of smokers and built my own UDS (ugly drum smoker) that I use most of the time.

Off Set Smoker

One of the most known is the offset smoker. This is basically a barrel grill with a separate firebox attached at the side.

Pellet Smoker

In the last few years, they have become very popular. The big advantage of a pellet smoker is the set-and-forget way of smoking on them.

You can read my opinion about the best value pellet smokers here.

Electric Smoker

As you might have read before, I am not a big fan of them since I miss the charcoal taste in the meat. Although I have to admit that I had some meat that tasted pretty good that was cooked on one of the.

Kamado Grills

I know that this might sound weird but when I started doing my Kamado Grill reviews I found that they are also perfect for low and slow cooking.

Gas and Charcoal Grills

It might be a little harder to do but even on a gas and a charcoal grill, you can smoke meat. It just has to be a little larger so you can set up 2-zone cooking on them.

FAQ About Smoker Recipes

Q: what is the best meat to cook in a smoker

A: The best meat to smoke is meat that contains a higher percentage of fat. Meat such as pork butt, ribs, and brisket

Q: What can I smoke on the smoker in 3 hours

A: Meat that can be done in just about 3 hours is tenderloin, tri-tip, chicken wings, and even a whole chicken.

Q: What is the hardest food to smoke?

A: According to beginners and experts beef brisket is one of the hardest foods to smoke on a smoker.

Smoker Recipes – My Opinion And Experience

As I mentioned above I love to smoke many types of meat. Some meat I order online and others I just get from my local grocery store or big box stores.

One thing I had to learn after mainly using grill recipes is that smoking is a different ball game.

You need a lot more time for it and even preparation can be time-consuming. I also learned the hard way that, in most cases, you can’t get up in the morning and decide to have smoked meat in the afternoon.

Eddie van Aken

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