Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill Review

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smoke hollow pellet grill

When I saw the Smoke Hollow pellet smoker at a BBQ event, I knew there was more to it. And after a few questions with the chef and trying out the grill, it was inevitable to do a Smoke Hollow pellet grill review. So keep reading to know what I found out.

While we don’t smoke meat for preservation as our ancestors did, I find the smoky flavor addictive. But, cooking on a traditional wood-fired smoker takes up our time, and you’ll need adjustments as you cook. Luckily advanced pellet grills serve the same purpose and give you the freedom to make temperature adjustments.

Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill Overview

The Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill is a decent grill with a sturdy steel barrel construction. On top is a layer of sheet metal and a powder coating to add to its appeal. It is built to last and offers resistance to cracks and dents. It has enough cooking space with 996 total square inches for cooking. You can definitely smoke your ribeye steaks and sear bell peppers on the side without a hassle.


The Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill allows you to make an unmatched dish with consistency and flavor, thanks to a few valuable features.

Auger-Fed Pellet System

Maintaining the correct temperature has been an issue with pellet grills in general. The Smoke Hollow’s Auger-Fed pellet delivery system includes a box used to store pellets on the side. The box automatically adds pellets to the grill crate, depending on your temperature needs. It is an automatic system and easy to operate, even for newbies.


For what you consider the best pellet grill, you want something that can move comfortably in your yard. The Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill line is compact and has a reliable system of wheels and casters. The two rotatable caster wheels perform perfectly, considering the whole grill weighs about 120 pounds.

smoke hollow pellet smoker locking wheels


The LED thermostat is one of the most tech-savvy features of this pellet grill. It allows monitoring and control of temperature without opening the lid. In addition, the LED has simple display options, making it easier to understand.

Indirect Cooking

(Thumbs up to whoever invented this idea of indirect cooking) It basically means you can cook the steak without placing it on direct flames. The advantage is you get evenly cooked meat with the same rich smoky flavor. It also reduces the chances of charring. Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill infuses smoke from wood pellets into the meat.


Barbecue meals are intensive and need a few cutlery in place. So it is always essential to have some compartments to keep them at bay. The Smoke Hollow Grill has a few sides and bottom shelves to keep essential tools like barbecue sauce, salt, knives, etc. you don’t need to add an extra table for all this; the pellet grill does the job perfectly.


Many times I have found that a video can explain things a lot better than I can. Here is a video of unboxing and testing a Smoke Hollow pellet grill and smoker.

YouTube video player


  • Digital on/off control panels, with cook time and smoke time
  • Hopper has a capacity of up to 16.5 lbs
  • Massive 996 square feet of cooking area
  • Side shelves for accessories
  • Pellet hopper to clean out empty pellets


  • There are some cases of temperature fluctuations
  • Not entirely portable at 120 lbs
  • A bit costly

Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill Review – Conclusion

The Smoke Hollow Pellet Grill from Master Built (1)is an excellent starter for preparing delicious BBQ meals with its decent features. The indirect cooking system allows you to bake, smoke, braise or fry any meal. It may be a little pricey for newbies, but the pellet grill is worth every penny. I hope this quick Smoke Hollow Pellet review has added some insight!

I also wrote a Smoke Hollow 205 review of their portable tabletop gas grill that got some nice ratings.

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