Small Charcoal Grill For Camping

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When camping you need a small charcoal grill for camping or RV and this size is even made for an apartment.
Camping and even in an RV is trying to find the most effective products for the space you have available.
It always looks like we pack and need more than we originally planned for our camping trips.

When you are looking for a small charcoal grill for camping, for the RV or even for an apartment you came to the right place. I have done a lot of camping in the past and know how hard it is to pack all the things you need and always struggle with room to fit everything.

It is very hard to find dimensions for small charcoal grills in online stores that is why we did it for you. If you are more in need of a small gas or electric grill you can read our post about small grills for camping and balcony’s here.

The sizes we found are great for these kinds of conditions and do not take up too much space. I have read many small portable charcoal grill reviews and we handpicked the smallest charcoal grills we could find to fit your camping gear and RV space.

small charcoal grill for camping
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This Quick grill medium original folding charcoal made from stainless steel, is one of the smallest charcoal camping grills we could find
Height is 8.5 inches – Length is 13 inch and width is 13 inches. The weight is only 4.75 pounds.

small portable charcoal BBQ grill
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This Weber small charcoal grill will cook you some great food on a small surface.
Height 12.2 inch, Length 21 Inch, Width 14.5 inc. Weight is 14.5 pounds.

Pinty small portable charcoal grill for outdoor use
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This small portable charcoal grill for camping and RV’ing is still big enough to cook some great food and comes highly recommended.
Height is 15.4 inches, Length is 22 inches, Width is 15.4 inches and the weight is 9.92 pounds.

Small charcoal grill with cast iron grates
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Cast iron is still one of the best materials for grills and will retain the heat better. This small cast iron grill is perfect for camping and easy to store in the RV.
Height is only 3.4 inches. The length is 18 inch and the width is 10 inches. the weight is 18.5 pounds.

Small Weber Charcoal grill kettle grill for camping trips
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A round grill is always easy to store and this 14.5 inch round small charcoal grill will not take up too much space on your camping trips. It will however make it possible to cook meat for a small family with ease.
Height 17 inch, the diameter is 14.25 inch and with the legs, it is 16.5 inches. Weight is only 9.8 pounds

It was not easy to find the small charcoal grill for camping. It seems like manufacturers prefer to promote larger sizes. I looked all over the internet and even when I had the opportunity in stores I went.
We looked at all sized like square, rectangle, and round-shaped smaller charcoal grills.
the information we gathered is easily a week worth of work since we had to look at all the sizes because we wanted to keep it to only the top 5 products.
These small charcoal grills will in my opinion also work for apartments since they do not take up too much space at all.
Let us know what you think of them and how you like them and if it is what you are looking for.

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