Round Cast Iron Grill Grates

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round cast iron grill grates

Using round cast iron grill grates will improve the outcome of your grill. Many grills come with cheap grill grates and will perform better when they are used with round cast iron grill grates.

if you are a regular visitor of this website you know I love that material because of the reasons that it retains heat really well.
The second reason for me to use it as much as I can is that it is so easy to clean.

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I know that it is impossible to find every size for every brand of grill but here you can find a link to a large number of them on Amazon. I will have a look at 5 of the most sold ones for you. That might help you find the one you need.

Many of them will fit the Weber 22 inch grills I reviewed and some other ones are a perfect replacement for the ones I did in my Kamado grills I reviewed like the big green eggs or other brands.

Replacement Grill Grate For Large Green Egg

The big green egg is one of the most popular Kamado type grills. With this cast iron replacement grill grate you can improve the way you grill performs.

replacement cast iron grill grate for large green egg

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Pre Seasoned 22.5 inch Cast Iron Grate

This round cast iron grill grate with its 22.5 inches diameter will fit a lot of the main brands

pre-seasoned 22.5 inch cast iron grill grate

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10 Inch Cast Iron Grill Grate With Lifter

This 10 inches round grill grate from Jim Beam comes with an easy to use lifter. You can use this one on top or your regular grill grates to make some nice grill marks.

10-inch cast iron grill grate with lifter.

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Round 24 Inch Fire Pit Cast Iron Grill Grate

For the people who like to cook on an open fire this 24 inches cast iron fire pit grill grate is one of the best ones, I could find.

You can find the price here on Amazon.

Reversible Cast Iron Griddle 18 Inch

Many people like to use their grill for more than grilling. With these cast iron half moon reversible griddle that will fit the big green egg and any 18″ grill, you added a lot more options to your outdoor cooking.

half moon reversible cast iron griddle

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Round Cast Iron Grill Grates – My Opinion

I know that probably others have a different opinion but I like to cook on cast iron grill grates. I even prefer them to be ceramic coated if I can find them.

The reason for me behind it is that cast iron will contain the heat better compared to stainless steel. It is also easier to clean, especially the coated ones.

I have them on my stick burner grill and they are at least 12 years old and still in perfect shape.

The disadvantage is that it takes a little longer for them to heat up to the right temperature to make nice grill marks.

Edie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has years of experience in running his full-service restaurant and with this came working with using and dealing with all types of kitchen equipment. With his experience, he can find all the pros and cons of grills and add them to the grill reviews he is doing. You can read more on the about page for Eddie van Aken

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