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reversed sear pork chops

I don’t know about you but I always have a little problem with grilling pork chop.

Either they are not to juicy or they are a little charged on the outside.

Here are my tips on how to use reversed sear to cook some killer pork chops.

First thing I have to mention is that I started using some thicker cut pork chops instead of the thinner ones. I also tried this on thick-sliced pork tenderloin and this also gave an amazing result.

What You Need

  • Thick pork chops. About 1 inch.
  • Grill thermometer
  • Grill or oven on 225 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hot grill, oven broiler or skillet

Heat up the oven or grill to 225 degrees and cook your pork chop.

Here comes the important part: Use a meat thermometer like one of these. And monitor the temperature.

Remove it from the oven or grill when the internal temperature reaches 115 degrees. I will not look nice but believe me, it is done and very juicy. (I know because I took a bite)

Now let it rest for a while and preheat the grill to hot or the oven to broil. You can also use a skillet or grill pan of-course. (I prefer cast iron) .

Broil or grill your pork chop now like you always do, but remember that all you do is make it look nicer. It is already done. Here are the steps again:

Reversed Sear Pork Chop In 5 Steps

  • Grill or oven on 225 degrees
  • Cook pork chop to 115 degrees F internal
  • Let rest and turn oven to broil or heat up grill to hot
  • Grill pork chop to the color you like to see
  • Enjoy a nice juicy pork chop

Let me know if you have tried this way of reversed grilling a pork chops and how you liked it.

Eddie van Aken

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