Chicken recipes that you can use to cook some awesome meals on the grill and BBQ.


chicken thighs

Best Grilled Chicken Thighs Recipe

I have been looking for an easy grilled chicken thighs recipe for a while and I finally found one. all you need is chicken thighs, a grill set up for…

lemon pepper chicken thigs

Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Thighs

This grilled lemon pepper chicken thighs recipe is one of the easiest to cook on the grill with just 1 ingredient. TIP: Grill the chicken thighs skin down for crispy…

Campbell’s Creamy Chicken Garlic Butter On The Grill

Campbell’s Creamy Chicken Garlic Butter On The Grill

Have you ever seen the Campbell’s creamy chicken garlic butter sauce in the stores? We used it a few timed and it taste very nice and when you cook them…

grilled chicken leg quarters

Best Grilled Chicken Leg Quarters – My Recipe

I know there are many recipes for grilled chicken leg quarters and I have tried many of them. Slowly I have tweaked this recipe and all my friends and family…

chicken marinade

Chicken Leg Quarter Marinade

Chicken leg quarter marinade can help make them pack a bunch of flavors but also will help you grill tender by using some specific ingredients. I have written about tenderizing…

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