Beef recipes that you can use to cook some awesome meals on the grill and BBQ.


smoked tri tip

Best Low Smoked Beef Tri Tip Recipe

For a long time I was planning on making a Low and Slow Smoked Tri Tip. Recently I ordered one from Crowd Cow and now it was time to start…

grilled bratwurst

Bratwurst Grill Recipe

A grilled Bratwurst is something I can always enjoy. The reason is that they are easy to prepare and pack a bunch of flavors. They also can be used for…

Moin balls and how to make them

Moink Balls [Bacon Wrapped Meat Balls]

The first news about Moink Balls started to show up around 2008 and this is reason enough to put a recipe for them here since a lot of people still…

smoked short ribs

Smoked Beef Short Ribs – My Recipe

I love smoked beef ribs but sometimes they are too big and in that case I look for some beef short ribs to put on the smoker. Not only are…

smoked top round roast

Smoked Beef Top Round Roast – Recipe and Tips

I was planning on smoking a chuck roast but my local butcher did not have any. We talked and he said why don’t you try a top round roast. It…

bacon wrapped beer can burgers.

Tasty Beer Can Burgers Wrapped With Bacon Recipe

Beer can burgers are on my menu at least once or twice a month. Because they taste great but also because they are easy to make and take not much…

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