Chicken Leg Quarter Marinade

Chicken leg quarter marinade can help make them pack a bunch of flavors but also will help you grill tender by using some specific ingredients. I have written about tenderizing meat and one of the methods is to use a marinate. Chicken Leg Quarters Marinate Recipe I have used this …

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Smoked Turkey Breast

If I have to choose what kind of part of the turkey I like the most it is the breast. A turkey breast on a smoker is one of my favorite meals and not just for the holidays. Some people are intimidated by the process and there is no need …

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Bratwurst Grill Recipe

A grilled Bratwurst is something I can always enjoy. The reason is that they are easy to prepare and pack a bunch of flavors. They also can be used for lunch, dinner, or a snack at night. it does not matter how you eat them. On a bun or just …

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