Recteq Matador Review (Pretty Awesome And Versatile In Use)

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The Rec Teq Matador is discontinued. I suggest to have a look at the following two grills that are similar.

FireDisc cooker

King Cooker

Rating: 4.8  Reviewed by Eddie

rec tec matador review

The Recteq Matador review shows that it is a great addition to your cooking arsenal and can improve your whole outdoor cooking experience.

When I started on the reviews of the Recteq grills, I stumbled upon it and kept it on the back burner for a while to find more information.

Since more grillers like to expand their outdoor cooking with more affordable tools, I thought this cooker, fryer, wok, boiling pan, and many more, but basically, it is a flat top grill, would be a nice idea to start with.

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Although it was not easy to find a lot of information about this what I like to call the RecTeq outdoor camp stove or flat grill, I was able to form a nice impression of it.

Cook surface of the Matador

As we are used to from this company the cooking pan is made from
What makes it stand out is that it has two heat zones and that is very rare for an outdoor stove. Unless you buy

The so-called “bull ring” is the host part in the middle and on the “front row” that is on the outer diameter the temperature is medium.

The total cooking space is 397 square inches this is about the size of a pretty large skillet you use in the kitchen.

Material of pan

The material is stainless steel and the exact sizes are:

  • 22 inch diameter
  • 3 inch deep

According to the manual, it should be seasoned like a cast-iron skillet to prevent rusting.

Features and measurements

Description of the main features.

  • 9 inch burner
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 heat zones
  • cool touch handles
  • 3 inches high pan
  • Collapsible for storage



Customer Reviews of the Matador

Better Grills Rating: 4.8

There were not too many customers to find on sites like Amazon or Walmart, but the ones I found were pretty happy with it.

The many ways you can use this cooker are mentioned as to many to mention and I have read people using it from frying fish to preparing baked beans. One user mentioned this was the only grill he would take to the campground from now on.

The 3-inch high edge stops things from running over the edge.

Sauteing in the middle and then moving it to the outer cooler edge was a feature that got some nice words.

Assembly is a breeze with the legs with snap-on rings to secure them.
After installing the flame guard and the cooking pan you are basically done.

Adding the matador to your outdoor cooking arsenal will give you a lot more options to expand your menu items.

I found a video from the Rec Tec company that shows more about the Matador.

Pros & Cons

Every product has pros and cons and there is no size fits all. Not even for the Rec Tec Matador. Here you can read what we found.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Heats up fast
  • Fairly tall


  • For some food a little hot
  • Pan does not fit in a regular sink

Recteq Matador Review – My Opinion

After doing the Matador BBQ review and reading a lot of comments I can only come to the conclusion that this outdoor cooker can be placed in a better-quality corner.

No complaints about the quality and construction.

The temperature seems to get a little high for some recipes that require lower temperatures. Maybe one of the replacement propane regulators I reviewed is a solution to this only and a small problem I found.

The cooking surface is nice but if you are cooking for a larger crowd it is not very big with its 397 sq. inches. A regular flat top grill might be a better solution in that case.


This camp stove runs on the small 16.4 oz propane gas cylinders but also comes with the 34-inch hose adapter to hook it up to a larger 20 Lbs tank.
Recommended is to start using the larger tanks instead of the smaller ones.

Tips from real users

Tips I found from real users in regard to the Matador are that cooking on the medium setting is in most cases all you need.

Use the inner and hotter ring to sear or saute and then move it to the cooler ring to finish it cooking.

if you are looking for Rec Tec Matador recipes they are easy to find.
All you have to do is go online and you will find plenty.

For even more, you can look at the Rec Tec Matador on Youtube.

Rec Tec Matador

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