Rec Tec Grill Mat Review

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Rec Tec Grill Mat review

Reviewed by: Eddie
Rating: 4.5
The Rec Tec grill mat review will show that this is a highly recommended accessory for your Rec Tec Grill or any other grill.
This 16 x 16 inches Rec Tec Grill mat can be used to prevent all the smaller items to fall through your grill grates.
The non-stick surface is FDA approved for food use. This in combination with the fact that it is dishwasher safe makes it a valuable extra for our smokers and indirect grilling.

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Rec Tec grill mat price

Grill surface of the grill mat

The mat is 16″ x 16″

Features of the Rec Tec grill mat

  • 16 x 16 inches
  • FDA approved
  • Non stick
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Holes are 1/4 x 1/4 inch
  • Made in the USA

Rec tec grill mat customer reviews

When we did our Rec Tec grill review we found several users that recommended this Rec Tec grill mat.

“this works great . I put it on a flat baking sheet , loaded it up with meat loaf logs wrapped in bacon , carried it out to the grill , slid it on to the grill from the baking sheet , slide it back onto the baking sheet 4 hours later and carried back into the house . nothing stuck to it and it was easy to clean , easy to use , let the smoke in and the grease out . I consider this a great purchase …”

“With indirect heat in my smoker, the grill mat works great cooking any small things that would normally fall into the grill. I use it mostly for veggies and sea food, meat I like the grill marks…. Because I am using the mat, the smoke comes up all around the food when it cooks, but if I had the food in some type of pan to keep the food from falling thru the grill, I do not think that the smoke would penetrate the food as well – just my opinion. When I get black burnt sauce on the mat, I take it out before I use it and flex it a little and all of the burnt material just flakes off. I haven’t tried cleaning it in the dish washer yet…(read more here: Find all review here)”

Better Grills Rating: 4.5

Pros & Cons


After doing the Rec Tec grill mat review there are several pros that were mentioned several times. Things like: Easy to use and clean. perfect for smaller items and veggies. Carry your smaller items from the kitchen to the grill and after they are done back to the kitchen using the Rec Tec grill mat


Size is not always right for your grill, but you can easily cut it to fit your grill surface. Some users mentioned that the price was a little high for the size grill mat.

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Summary of what we think about the Rec Tec grill mat

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It seems to me after reading many remarks from people who bought and used this Rec Tec grill mat that it is a nice addition to not just the Rec Tec, but all grills. Easy to use for delicate pieces of meat or fish and perfect for vegetables.

Just remember that it can not be used on a hot grill and probably not over a direct fire.
I would only use it in a smoker or over indirect heat.

I read somewhere from someone using it for 4 years and now it finally starts to fray around the edges.


Another accessory to use is the smoke tube to add extra smoke if you feel you need it. This smoke tube review we did will tell you all about the one to use..

Tips we found doing the Rec Tec grill mat review

Great to use when you smoke fish.
Can also be used to roast vegetables in the oven
If something sticks on it just flex it and it will come right of.

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Eddie van Aken

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