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Portable grills and other small propane powered devices we use most of the time come with a small 1 lb gas tanks. To make life easier we can use a propane gas adapter hose to connect it to a larger propane tank. i had a good look at the ones I can recommend. I also looked at hoses with regulators, regulators an gauges to see how much gas is left in your large gas tank.

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Propane Hose Adapter / Propane Regulator / Propane Hose With Regulator / Propane Tank Gauge / Installation / Propane gas safety / Regulator problems


Propane Hose Adapter

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To hook up your portable gas grill to a larger propane tank you need a propane hose adapter. There are many brands and sizes available but for most of us a 4 foot is enough. I have found the 3 best rated and priced adapter hoses.

Char Broil 4 foot hose and adapter

Char broil 4 foot propane adapter hoseThis is the one I use myself and it has been holding up since 2015 outside on my Char Broil X200 without any problems.

Rated with 4.4 stars from many users this 4 foot hose easily connect to a 20 pound tank.

You can find the price here.

Shinestar 1 lb to 20 lb propane tank adapter

Shinestar propane tank adapterThis Shinestar is one of the lowest priced adapter hoses I could find.

It is available in a 4 foot and a 12 foot version.

I found an average rating of 4.4 stars and this is pretty good.

You can find the price here

Dozyant 4 feet adapter hose converter

4 foot propane gas hoseThe Dozynat is the number one seller online and the price is comparable to the Shinestar.

This 4 Foot hose got a 4.5 star rating from almost 200 people.

You can find the price here.


Propane Hose With Regulator

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There is a growing number of people who like to cook on a low temperature on their gas grills. If you do not have a high end gas grill with multiple burners this is almost impossible.

With the help of a regulator built in your adapter hose you kill two birds with one stone. We looked at the three highest rated ones.

Gas One propane adapter with adjustable regulator

Gas one hose and pressure regulatorAvailable in standard or steel braided hose you can pick the one you prefer. Price varies on the version hose you choose. Both versions are 4 ft long.

Regulator range between o and 20 psi like most of them do.

You can find the price here

Dozyant propane gas hose and regulator

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Dozyant hose and regulatorThis Dozyant hose and regulator in one is available in 4 and 5 feet version.

4.5 stars from over 150 buyers and a recommended choice in most online stores.

This regulator range from 0 to 20 psi and is a high quality product in my opinion.

Dozyant 30 psi hose and regulator

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Normally i try to find different brands but this was the only 30 psi hose and regulator I was able to find for now.
The Dozyant is 4 feet long and gets 4.2 stars but also a lot of 5 stars.
The price is a lot higher compared to the 20 psi models, You have to figure out if you need this high pressure for your grill or other propane gas powered cooking device.

you can find the price here.


Propane Regulator

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Sometimes all you need is the regulator and not the whole hose. Although the price difference sometimes is just a few dollar if this is all you need we found again 3 of the highest rated propane gas pressure regulators.

Camco 59333 propane regulator

Camco pressure regulator
There are 3 versions of this regulator. horizontal with pol, horizontal without pol or a vertical mount.
The pol will fit on your propane gas tank if you need this version.
This regulator is used a lot on RV’s with an outside connector for any propane device you like to use outside the RV.

You can find the price here

Cisno 0 – 20 psi LP regulator

Cisno lp gas regulator
I have a good feeling about this Cisno regulator. Only a few complaint but most users mentioned it worked great.

Adjustable from 0 – 20 psi. Just look good at the male and female thread to see if you have what you need to make this fit.

You can find the price here.

Mr. Heater pressure regulator

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Mr heater pressure regulator
Mr. Heat is one well known brand that does not need any introduction. It comes with an average of 4.1 stars and this is about the same as the other low pressure regulators we looked at.

Comes with a pol and female pipe thread on the other side.
Not to many complaints except like I mentioned earlier make sure you got all the connectors you need.


Propane Tank Gauge

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propane gas tank gauge
It happened to all of us. In the middle of a cook you run out of gas. I use to pick my tank up ones in a while to feel how much gas there was left but still ran out of gas.

We also fond two gauges that weigh your tank. You just have to pick it up by hand.
manual propane gauge


Adapter Hose Installation

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Installing a propane tank hose with or without pressure regulator or even one of the stand alone regulators have to be done right to prevent leaking. Here are some tips.
propane tank installation
This picture shows how to install the hose to the grill or other propane device you are using.
Insert first by hand and than screw it in tight. No need to use any tape although I still used it.

propane gas tank adapter
This part connects to the propane gas tank and can be tightened by hand with no problem. Is very easy to connect and change propane tanks in not time.


Propane safety

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Like anything else we have to be aware that we still work with a flammable gas. Reason enough to make sure that it is all installed in a safe manner.
I advice to always check your connections. To do this all you need is some water with dish-soap and a brush. Brush the liquid on your connections ,that of course have to be open and gas pressured , and look for bubbles. If there are none you are good to go.

If you see bubbles you have to disconnect and redo the leaking part. I still use plumbers tape on the connections that are permanent.

Regulator problems

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Sometimes problems with gas regulators are easy to solve. Many people have thrown out perfectly good regulators and even grills because they thought they were broke.

The problem is that the newer regulator have a safety feature that most people don’t know of. In case of a gas leak the regulator limits the gas flow. Sometimes this also happens when you open the control knob to fast. You can read the whole article in our How to solve gas regulator problems post in our how to category.

Basically all you do it turn everything off and than turn the gas on real slow to not trigger that safety feature in the regulator.

If you have any tips concerning propane gas regulators, hose adapters or gauges feel free to leave it in the comments.


4 comments for “Propane Gas-Hose-Adapters-Regulators-Gauges

  1. Thomas Seifert
    September 7, 2018 at 10:15 am

    I don’t see how the adapters will work for this grill. The regulator is female and has the prong sticking out. I bought the 4 ft adapter from Home Depot for using my 20ld tank. But these adapters have the female end not the male so I don’t see how they will work unless you buy some kind of adapter that will fit both ends. The tank and the regulater on the x200. Please advise. The grill gets way to hot for some uses that I want to use it for.

    • September 7, 2018 at 11:09 am

      I see your problem. There is no “one size fits all solution” for every grill and you might need an adaptor.
      I have found this one for you that will probably do the trick:
      You can also ask Home Depot if they can help you with an adapter.
      let us know what you found out please to help other readers.

  2. Milt
    July 5, 2019 at 7:21 am

    Have a Weber Genesis II grill. Went to use and checked connections with soapy water. I could hear hissing and saw bubbles from regulator (manifold?) no leaks where it screwed on tank or other connections. Replaced regulator and no problem on initial use, tried again couple days later and experienced same problem on new regulator. I purchased a Weber regulator. Any idea what is wrong?

    • July 5, 2019 at 10:17 am

      This is a new one for me. Two times the same problem with an original Weber regulator.
      Although it sounds strange is seem like another faulty regulator.

      I guess what I would do is take it back to the store and tell them what the problem is and see what the come up with.
      You can also contact Weber at 1 (800) 446-1071 and ask them for help. They must be able to come up with an answer and a solution.

      Let me know what you find out. For me and the other readers that might run into the same problem sooner or later.


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