Presto Griddle Reviews (Are They Realy Cool Touch?)

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Presto Griddle Reviews

The Presto griddle reviews I did are based on the fact that this is one of the first brands people mention when it comes to an electric indoor griddle. Looking at the prices compared to the high customer reviews I have found all over the place that is not a big surprise at all.

Some of my readers might wonder why to do a griddle review on a grill site but the reason is that a griddle is actually a flat grill and this fits into the topic of my website.

It is also that some of my readers asked for it. As a matter of fact, some of these products are also called Presto tabletop grills.

Since I had to make a choice in what Presto griddle review I would have a look at first I did some research and found that most people look for the Presto cool touch series. There are several highly rated and top sellers in the cool touch models and I had a look at the ones with the best features and most recommended models.

Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle

The features of the Presto cool touch make this indoor griddle a very popular item. The heavy-cast aluminum frame with the built-in heating element that is coated with their premium nonstick coating will last for years when treated right.

I will do a number of Presto cool touch griddle reviews and you can find a short version here including a link to the full review and a tip on where to find a good deal on them.

Presto 07046 Griddle

presto griddle 0746

This is the first one I did in the Presto griddle reviews and to be honest, I was impressed with the high ratings and number of satisfied users of this indoor griddle.
The 07046 griddle can be called a big griddle with its 277 square inches of grilling surface.

The grate is made of the same material that all Presto cool handle models are made of. Cast aluminum and a non-stick coating of high quality.

The titling option is one of the most liked features since it will deter all the grease in the large drip pan and grill your food without adding any fat to it.
You can read the full review here or by clicking on the picture. For info on the price, you can click on the link.

Presto 07061 Griddle

presto 07061 review

There are a few things that the 07046 and the 07061 have in common like the cast iron aluminum and the top-rated non-stick surface of course.

The use of the nonstick material has got some negative attention lately but as far as I can figure since I am not a scientist, is that this type of surface is safe to use.

Although not the largest one in the Cool Touch series the 07061 griddle is still to be considered a big griddle with over 250 square inches of grilling space.

1500 Watts will make it heat up fast and retain the temperature at the set level with no problem.
One of the nicest features is the detachable handles that make it so much easier to store this Presto electric griddle/
You can read the full review here or by clicking on the picture. For info on the price, you can click on the link.

Presto 07047 griddle

presto 07047 griddle

I have this one still in the pipeline and are working on it. I have found out a few things already about the 07047 Presto.

The 1300 watts and the controller give no problem and work flawlessly together to keep this griddle warm or hot depending on the settings. The drip pan is pretty big and slides out pretty smoothly.
The grill surface is 105 x 16 inches and that makes it about the size of the 07046 and the 07061. This is considered a jumbo cool touch electric griddle according to the consumer ratings I have seen so far on many websites I use to form our opinion.
You can have a sneak preview at the price here or wait for the review to be done later.

Presto 09020 griddle

presto 09020 grill review

Another Presto indoor electric griddle caught my attention for the good ratings. I have to say that this one is more of an indoor grill with the surface not being flat and smooth.

This probably made it not as popular as the 3 other models above but I still found over 270 buyers that took the time to write about their experience with this Presto grill and there are some good stories.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars, there can be not too much wrong with this griddle that is made by the standards of the Presto company.
With its 13 x 19.25 inches and height of 3 inches, it fits in most dishwashers and is easy to store in most kitchen cabinets. As a little bonus, there is a spatula included that fits the grill surface for easy removing your meat.
You can have a look at the price here on this link or wait for the review that is in the making.

I will be adding more Presto indoor electric griddle and grills here and link to the full reviews.

More about the Presto indoor electric griddles

Presto might not be a name that you hear a lot about but that does not mean that it is not a very popular brand, I was surprised after doing these Presto griddle reviews that you can find them in all major stores and all online stores and most of them come with some great customer reviews and ratings.

I have found no average ratings under 4 stars and that is very unusual for any indoor grill brand.

What do we have to keep in mind when we look at a presto indoor electric griddle or grill? I should actually mention that this will go for most indoor griddles.

The non-stick surface has been in the news lately with some negative remarks about how it can affect our health and since I am not a chemist or scientist there is not much I can say about it than what I found in publications online.

In general, what I found in the Presto griddle reviews is that there are no health risks in the use of these non-stick Teflon surfaces.

Teflon is a name that we connected to all these surfaces but most of them have a PFOA coating that contains no risk according to the FDA. It is however always better to be safe than sorry and here are a few tips.

  • Do not use metal spatulas
  • Do not use metal scrubby pads
  • Try not to scratch the surface
  • Try to avoid the dishwasher

Dishwashers and non-stick surfaces in the Presto griddle reviews

I read that the use of a dishwasher for nonstick appliances like the Presto electric griddles on this page should be avoided. I read in a few publications that the harsh chemicals used in dishwasher soap in combination with the force of the water can damage the non-stick surface.

it is my personal advice to dump every product that has a damaged non-stick surface as soon as you can.

I believe strongly that as long it is contained on the surface it is safe but when it starts to chip off I am not sure and would not take any risk.

This is also the reason that in every griddle review I do and not just the Presto, I recommend the use of wooden, plastic, or silicone spatulas to have as little scratching as possible on the surface.

An indoor griddle gives us the chance to cook some great breakfast, lunch, and dinner for ourselves or our family. Depending on the size and temperature settings on them you can cook from pancakes and eggs to a juicy steak or chicken on an indoor electric griddle.

I hope you enjoy the Presto indoor griddle review. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and send me an email with any questions you have.

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