Premiala Meat Injector Review

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Rating: 4.9 Reviewed by: Eddie
Premiala meat injector reviewYou might as well call the Premiala meat injector a commercial-grade injector.
I had never heard of this brand and found it by accident and when I started reading about it I found out that it is a very good product.

This Premiala meat injector is made out of 304 food-grade stainless steel wherever it touched the food and sold in America by a family-owned business with great customer service.

What comes with the Premiala meat injector

  • 3 needles
  • 4 spare O-rings
  • E-book for best practice
  • 2 Oz marinade injector

The three needles all have a different size and use.

  • 8 cm to inject in thin cuts of meat
  • 15 cm with 12 holes for liquids
  • 15 cm for liquids with other ingredients like garlic

The package comes with an E-book with recipes and how to make marinades and can save you a lot of time figuring out how to use a meat injector since it covers all common mistakes we all make at first. This E-book has to be downloaded.

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Customer reviews for the Premiala injector

I have found almost 300 reviews and there was a 95% 4 and 4 point rating for this meat injector.
This proves that this is a good quality product and that is the reason I reviewed it. Generally, I do not review products I would not use myself or would not put on my wish-list.

There was a little problem with the E-book and the download did not always work too well.
I read that the owner of the company had contacted people to take care of that problem. That is what I call customer service!
The lower star ratings were from the same period that the download had some problems. After that, I could find only higher ratings.

A tip from someone was not to wash the O-rings in the dishwasher but by hand. This makes them last a lot longer according to this person.

An average time that any O-ring will last is about a year, depending on how much it gets used of course. So, spare O-rings are great to have, because they always start to leak when you can not get new ones. Murphy’s law!!

The needles are screw-on types and in my experience, this is the best way to have it. I have used other injectors with a different lock system, but I was never happy with it.

This product is made in China but sold in the USA by a family-owned business.

My opinion about the Premiala Meat Injector

I can honestly say that I am impressed after reading so many reviews of this meat injector. I put it on my own wish list for Christmas and will update this review with my own experience.

Overall I think we can recommend this as a good buy and with the price it is a good bang for your bucks in my opinion.

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Eddie van Aken

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