Pocket Thermometer Reviews

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digital handheld meat pocket thermometer reviews of most recommended brands here.

pocket thermometer reviewsWe like to know if the temperature of our meat has reached the right internal temperature and not under or overcooked that is why we look at:
Speed of reading – accurate – length of the probe – Easy to clean

Read the reviews of the following pocket thermometers.

Table of Contents

1. Thermoworks splash-proof Thermapen
2. Thermoworks thermopop
3. Redi Check digital thermometer
4. Palermo digital thermometer
5. Tips from users

Thermoworks splash-proof Thermapen

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Customer Reviews of the Thermoworks splash-proof Thermapen

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“I gave this as a gift to my boyfriend. He uses it on all variety of meats, fishes, you name it!! HE LOVES IT. We are big American Grill/BBQ Pit master watchers and agree that this it the best you can buy to get it RIGHT. He was a bit floored when I told him how much it costs but agrees that it’s well worth the price as the cheap ones break and accuracy is questionable. The only review is I am not sure how long it lasts as he has had just about a month! Hope this helps!!…”

“A bit difficult to open, but I love this thing. I purchased for use on my smoker but my wife has permanently borrowed it for the kitchen and grill. Accurate to within a degree within a few seconds then creeps up to final temp which is close enough for almost anything. Guess I need to get one for the smoker….(read more here: Thermoworks splash-proof Thermapen Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.8

Our opinion about the Thermoworks Splash-proof Thermapen

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Thermoworks thermapenLet’s be honest. This is not a cheap handheld thermometer. But with ratings from 820 customers and a 4.8-star rating this is a great instant-read thermometer.
With 10 colors available there is always one that fits your preference. The brighter colors are easier to find I guess.
The reading speed is 3 seconds and the temperature range is from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
The thin probe reads at the tip and this is a very big plus in thinner meats.
The large numbers on the display come very highly recommended.
Just be aware that this is not a waterproof product. It says splash-proof but do still try to keep water away from the bottom of the probe to prevent water from getting in the electronics.
Not easy to use for left-handed cooks.
The probe length is 4.5 inches and the holder 6 inches. That makes the total length over 10 inches and that is more than enough to keep your hands away from the hot grill or oven.
If you are willing to spend a little under $100 this handheld digital instant-read meat thermometer is one of the best ones.
Click here to check colors and prices on Amazon for the: Thermoworks splash-proof Thermapen

Thermoworks thermopop

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Customer Reviews of the Thermoworks thermopop

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“Yes, this is more money than one of those standard $9 analog food thermometers and the $15 or so digitals that you find commonly, and it’s worth every penny. There really is a difference! The first good piece of meat that having a good thermometer saves from being overcooked, and it has paid for itself. ThermoWorks makes the best, bar none. The reading is accurate and you get it fast (under 6 seconds – which is a big deal when you open the oven door and your face is being bombarded by intense heat waiting for a slow thermometer to rise). This is one of Thermoworks least expensive models. They do have others that are faster, and that are dishwasher safe. This one is NOT. While splash resistant, it should just be wiped clean). This model is also not one where you can self-calibrate, though there doesn’t seem to be a need…

“Why did I wait so long to buy this thing? Imagine an instant read thermometer that is actually instant. Who knew it even existed? This thermometer is crazy fast and easy to read and use. I’ve gone through about a zillion “instant” read thermometers over the past few years and this is the first one that really lives up to the name. Perfectly cooked steaks and chicken on the grill, no problem. Seriously, just buy it.
…(read more here: Thermoworks thermopop Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.8

Our opinion about the Thermoworks thermopop

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thermoworks thermopop213 customer ratings and an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars are pretty impressive.
If you do not mind waiting 5 to 6 seconds this is the instant-read handheld digital thermometer to have a good look at.
With the name Thermoworks you know that you buy a good product. This thermometer comes with a rotating display and this makes it very handy to use at any angle and for left-handed cooks.
The temperature range is from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and stays within a 2-degree accuracy that is guaranteed up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. What it does on higher temperatures I could not find out. But do we need a higher reading for our products?. I think not.
Overall for a decent price this is a good buy if you are willing to wait 5 or 6 seconds for an accurate reading. Personally I don’t have a problem with that. Comes in 9 fashion colors.

Click here to check colors and prices on Amazon for the: Thermoworks thermopop

Instant Read Check digital thermometer

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Customer Reviews of the Redi Check digital thermometer

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“his thermometer is very accurate, much more so than my old OXO dial thermometer. But it’s slower in registering the target temperature than I expected. I wanted the digital display which is great, but know that it’s not illuminated. So if you’re grilling in the dark and don’t have an outside light, you may need to have some other illumination on hand.
A nice feature for grilling: the probe cover can be attached to the end of the unit to provide a handle which helps keep your hands away from the grilling surface. The magnetized temperature guide is a handy reference for providing the recommended temperature for all kinds of meats.
The thermometer can be calibrated (complete operating instructions for the unit are provided), but I found the readings to be right on.
Overall, a very good value. …

“Have had for about 2 months. Does what it says it will do. Very accurate. Once wife saw what it does she now uses it for items she cooks. As inexpensive as this thermometer is you’d be doing yourself a huge favor in picking one up. Only improvement I would suggest on the thermometer would be to include a back light feature, that feature would be a big plus and is the reason I gave only 4 stars. Other than the lack of a back light feature (my grill has internal light so I can flip that on if I need to), you will absolutely not be disappointed….(read more here: Instant Read digital thermometer Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.6

Our opinion about the Redi Check digital thermometer

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instant read digital thermometerfor some reason, this Readi Read thermometer reminds me of the Maverick DT-09 thermometer and it would not surprise me if it is the same product under a different name, like we see in so many cases.
4.6 out of 5 stars is also not much lower from the rating the Maverick received and we know that some people rate “name” brands higher.
The speed is less than 4 seconds according to the specs and I have read the same in all the comments. The super-thin tip is easy to use in thinner meats.
The cover for the probe can be used as an extension the handle and this makes it very easy to use and keeps your hands away from the hot grill or oven. The total length will be 10″ then.
The 10-minute auto turn off feature is something I really appreciate because I am famous for leaving everything on.
If you want to take your cooking or grilling to the next level and don’t feel like spending a fortune. This Instant Read digital thermometer is a great deal.
Click here to check colors and prices on Amazon for the: Instant Read digital thermometer

Palermo Digital Thermometer

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Customer Reviews of the Palermo digital pocket thermometer

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This is the handheld digital thermometer I use myself. The reason that I bought this one was the price compared to the speed and the high customer ratings I found on several websites.

After ordering I received an email from the company that sells this instant-read digital thermometer with the personal email from one of the owners that asked me if I received it and if there was anything she could help me with.

I have also read reviews that the product was faulted and that without asking for it they had a new one sent in the mail within days.

My experience with this thermometer is very good and I find it very reliable.

I read that some people complain about it getting back to Celsius as a default setting. I do not have that problem and it keeps reading on Fahrenheit all the time unless I switch it of course.

The reading speed is not really instant, but non of the thermometers I have reviewed are instant-read.

I found the speed very satisfying and depending on what temperature it had to read I guess it reads in about 4 seconds.

Do we need faster? I think personally that the hype about speed is a little over the top.
Does it really make a difference in the quality of cooking if you read it in 2 or 4 seconds?

Read more customer reviews here. here


  • Read pretty fast
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Long probe
  • Hold function
  • Auto-off


  • Hard to open
  • Little big to keep in a pocket

    Our opinion about the Palermo digital handheld thermometer

    palermo digital handheldLike I wrote before that this is the handheld thermometer I use myself you will understand that I am pretty happy with it.
    Are there faster thermometers? Yes. But do we need it? I don’ think so myself. The reading time of about 4 seconds works for me.

    Compared to the much higher priced other brand I have reviewed I can recommend this thermometer as a good buy for the money. The about 70 dollar higher priced other brands might be better for a competition pitmaster but for me as a backyard griller this thing works perfectly.

    I do not like under of over cooker meat and I have to be honest that I most of the time overcooked my meat a little to make sure it was on the safe side and not undercooked what can cause health issues.
    After using the Palermo thermometer I found that I overcooked my meat sometimes even more than I realized.
    My burgers and pork chops are coming out a lot juicier than before.


    Tips from users

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    These thermometers are high tech digital products and should be treated like that.

    Don’t expect them to survive to drop and extremely high temperatures.

    Keep the probe clean and even though some mention to be waterproof, don’t submerge in water. Most probes will leak water in the interior of the meter and this will make it fail.

    Eddie van Aken

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