Pizza Stone For The Grill

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pizza stone for grillA pizza stone for the grill is something more and more people search for. This is a nice addition to their gill and cooked pizza on the grill taste so much better than from the oven.

When I saw this I thought it was time to have a little more in-depth look at them. We have found a few popular brands and are reviewing some of the best pizza stones for the grill.

PizzaCraft Pizza Stone Review

PizzaCraft 15 inch round
The PizzaCraft Pizza stone is one of the most sold pizza stones.
With a PizzaCraft pizza stone, you can make your pizzas taste great and just like the ones baked in a brick-lined oven.
This pizza stone for the grill comes in several sizes and shapes, but they all have the same features and give the same result. Your choice is just to pick the one for your grill size.

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Thermarite 14 inch round Pizza Stone Review

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Thermarite pizza stones for the grillWe looked at the 14″ round pizza stone but the same quality is available in 16″ round and rectangular.
This is the highest-rated stone we found with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. To be honest this stone has the lowest 1 and 2-star ratings I have ever seen.
The stone is made out of Cordierite and this is one of the best materials to use and will provide very high durability. It is also the only material that can go from hot to cold with no changes in cracking the stone.
Extras are a recipe book and a scraper to clean the stone after use.

  • good heat retention
  • Durable and strong
  • For oven and grill
  • EU and FDA safe
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Weber pizza stone

Weber has developed a few pizza stones that they sell under their brand name.

Weber 8836 14 inch gourmet pizza stone with carrying rack

Weber 14 inch 8836 model pizza stoneLike all Weber products, this Weber pizza stone is of high quality and this shows in the average of 4.5 stars out of 5 we found from over 130 buyers. It comes in several grill models so make sure you look at that before buying one.

Made of Cordierite like the Thermarite it also comes with a carrying rack to make it easier to handle. Remember that the rack gets really hot on the grill and use some good heat-resistant gloves when you pick the stone up.

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Weber 6430 rectangle pizza stone

Weber 6430 rectangular pizze stoneThis one is also made of Cordierite and fits all 22.5-inch grills and all full-size Weber gas grills.
With 4 stars this one is rated a little lower than the 14 inches around one above but we did not really find out why. There were some problems with the stone that arrived broken from the shipping but the performance did not get any complaints.
Still, I think with about 10% of the buyers complaining about it Weber should look at these issues.

The higher ratings were pretty happy with it and claimed to make some great homemade pizza on the Weber 8836 rectangular pizza stone.

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Rectangular Pizza Stone For Grill

Some people prefer a rectangular pizza stone because of the shape of their grill surface or to cover most of that surface to retain all the heat.
This makes sense and that is why we looked at the best sellers and highest-rated ones in this model pizza stone for grills and BBQ.

PizzaCraft 20 x 13.5 model PC9899 pizza stone

pizzacaft 20 x 30.5 inch rectagular pizza ston for grillThe name PizzaCraft pops up a lot in the world of pizza stones and most of the time gets some nice ratings. This Rectangular PizzaCraft that measures 20 x 13,5 inches is no exception. With an average of 4.3 stars from over 400 buyers, there cannot be too much wrong with it.
My only critical point would be the thickness of 0.67 inches but I guess I am the only one. No one else had any problem with that fact.

This is the number one seller of pizza and grilling stones in the largest online store.
Made of a material called ThermaBond and according to the manufacturer, this makes it shock resistant it is an FDA-safe material.

The lower rating mentioned that even after using it several times it still smokes and smells not too pleasant. But most of the users mention it will be going away after a few times.

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Old stone over rectangular pizza stone, 15.5 x 16.5 inch

old stone oven rectangular pizza stoneThis pizza stone we can highly recommend since almost 1150 people took the time to write a review and gave it an average of 4.3 stars out of 5.
This pizza stone is handmade in the USA and made from materials from there also.
This stone can handle extreme heat and has no problems with changing temperatures and will not crack because of that.
Number one seller in Pizza pans and stones on Amazon.

Lower ratings talk about the stone smelling, not being smooth, and the dough sticking. There are only a few low ratings, however.
Higher ratings are very pleased with the stone and the only small complaint is its size when you do not use it.

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Heritage black ceramic pizza stone rectangular

heritage black ceramic pizza stone rectangularThis is a very nice ceramic rectangular pizza stone that measures 16 x 13 inches and can be used in the oven and the grill. Also available in 15 inches round from the same company named heritage products.

First like we always do is look at the lower ratings to see if they have something in common. There were 5% lower ratings and most of them were about the smell and some of them about the bad shipping and that it came in broken.

92% gave it a 4 and 5-star rating and this is a high score that I do not see too much. Big enough for a 2 person’s pizza. This stone is very smooth and this makes handling may be a little hard since it does not come with handles.

When used like says in the manual and preheated it works great and makes some nice pizza according to the higher rates (3,4 and 5 stars).
I read several times that people have had this stone for several years and still use it without any problems.

One of the things people raved about was the fact that spilled cheese does not stick to the stone. I think this is a great feature and will make cleaning a lot easier.

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How to use a pizza stone on the grill

Some people call pizza junk food but I strongly disagree with that. A pizza made of fresh ingredients cannot be compared to the store-bought ones that contain all kinds of preservatives. Fresh is healthy especially when it comes from a good store.

The reason a pizza stone works better than for example a cookie sheet is the fact that the stone absorbs more moisture and retrains the heart better.
A cookie sheet is made of metal and cannot absorb anything of course.
The stone also retains the heat better and most of them you can use in the oven or on the grill.
There are also special rings to use in a kettle grill and they are called a KettlePizza kit and we reviewed one of them.
We will review more of them later.

Most of the time it is better to put the stone in a cold oven or place it on a cold grill.
We must remember that temperature shocks can cause the stone to crack or fracture.

Since they absorb any liquid including dish soap, a pizza stone should be brushed off and rinsed in plain water.

What you do is try to imitate the same effects that a real pizza oven has and this includes the better flavor and the fact that the pizza crust is more crispy and less change on burning the pizza crust. The propane or charcoal of the grill adds even more flavor to it.

Temperature control.
The temperature of the stone and the air are equally important. There is a learning curve for every type of pizza stone and it might need a few trials to find out your perfect setting. Follow the directions that come with it and then add your own tweaks.

Here are some general tips:

  • Let grill and stone warm-up for about 30 minutes
  • The temperature should be around 550 to 600 deg. Fahrenheit
  • Add flour to pizza bottom and pizza peel
  • Slide pizza on the stone with a pizza peel
  • cook for about 10 – 15 minutes and check doneness

I have read an article from someone who went to one of the big box hardware stores and looked for un-glazed, quarry tiles.
They look like Terracotta and can be as cheap as 30 cents apiece.
He used a few of them to make a pizza stone for in the oven.

My concern would be the possible lead in the material when you use these regular tiles as pizza oven stones.
But this site is about grilling and so we focus on the pizza stone you can use on the grill or BBQ.

One important aspect seems to be the thickness of the stone.
Some mentioned that thicker is better, so this is one of the things we will try to implement in our pizza stone for the grill reviews. After doing a lot of the reviews we, however, found that the thickness is not as important as we thought it was at first.

If you like to go all the way I suggest you have a look at the Ooni pizza oven reviews I did here. Maybe that option is a better choice.

Eddie van Aken

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