Pellet Grills And Temperature Obsession

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pellet grill Temperature obsession

When we are smoking meat, we like to see the right temperature in our smokers. It does not make a difference if this is a charcoal, wood fueled or pellet smoker.

Although I think that the pellet grill users are more obsessed with the subject.

I have been doing a lot of research and reviews of indoor and outdoor grills in all sizes and types of grills.

From charcoal, gas to the latest pellet grills and of-course I realize that temperature is an important thing when you are cooking, but recently that is all we talk about in all when it comes to pellet grill reviews I did

Like I mentioned before it is important to maintain a certain level of a constant temperature when we are smoking on a low temperature.

But when I look at the past there are a few things that came to mind.

Our fathers or grandfathers had no access to all these high tech temperature controllers we have nowadays. But they were still able to smoke and grill some very good meat.

Maybe some of them had a cheap temperature gauge in the lid of the smoker and to be honest that is how I used my smoker for many years.

A Little History

I do not have a side fire box on my smoker and just  set up my grills with an indirect grill system and am able to maintain my temperature fluctuations in a certain range, like 30-40 degrees, that people nowadays not find acceptable anymore.

I still use this system and, by the compliments I get, I think I smoke some great food. The only thing I have added to my arsenal in the last year was a digital probe thermometer that I use more to check the internal temperature of my meat than to constantly check and adjust the temperature in my smoker.
I have tested the thermometer I bought in the oven  in the kitchen and there were temperature swings of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes even more.

This is however the same oven my wife uses about every day to cook homemade biscuits, roast, and bake some awesome pies.

The things she cooks and bakes in there all taste great and are not under or overcooked at all.

What is your opinion

What is your opinion about the extreme demands we have for the latest generation pellet smokers. Demands like that they have stay within 10 or 15 degrees or we call it a bad controller.

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