Outdoor Prep Grill Side Tables (You definitely Need One)

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outdoor grill table

When grilling outside an outdoor grill table is almost an accessory you can not do without. You can use your grill side table but those are most of the time just not big enough and when using a tabletop grill there is no side table.

There are several types of grill table plans that we can use as an outdoor grill prep station, but we have to think about what we will use them for.

A folding grill table is very easy to take with us to the campground as a portable grill table you can even use it for a pick-nick.

There is no ultimate outdoor grill table and you have to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Outdoor Prep Table Reviews

Sometimes all you need is some extra room next to your smoker or grill to do some prepping. But maybe you need a lot more and are looking for an outdoor grill table to cut your meat and use it for a lot more things.

I have found a few of the highest-rated outdoor grill prep tables for you to choose from.

Suncast DCP2000 Outdoor Prep Station

suncast grill prep table

Over 470 customers wrote about their experience with this outdoor prep station and left an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Suncast Measurements

  • 22 inch long
  • 20 inch wide
  • 34 inch high

The upper compartment measures 15.5 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 10.5 inches high.
Lowe compartment measures the same width and depth but is 16 inches high

The storage under the top can be used to store a lot of accessories we use all the time with your grilling. It is not advised to store food in there because the doors are not 100% sealed of course.

I found a lot of people who mentioned that even in heavy rain nothing got wet inside this grill table.

I also read that someone used it as a table for a small grill.

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

Customer Reviews Of The Suncast DCP2000 Outdoor Grill Table

Suncast DCP200 customer star ratings

Many people mentioned how sturdy the construction is and how well it holds on. Someone mentioned he had it for a few years without any problems and still uses it very much.

The manual mentions not to leave it out in freezing temperatures since it can compromise the material. This is, in my opinion, something that is obvious for a lot of plastic products.

The drop lead side table is easy to fold to make this barbecue table not take up too much space when not in use.

  • Lower ratings mention it is hard to assemble and some parts came warped out of the box.
  • Higher ratings mention it to be very good and sturdy and many have used it for a long period of time.
  • It can hold up a lot of weight and I read someone had over 20 pounds on it with no problem.

The 4 caster wheels work great and with 2 of them having the lock mechanism you can keep it in place with no problem. You can also remove them easily and this comes in handy if you are planning on keeping the Suncast table stationary.

price for this prep table

Just realize that the wheels are 2.5 inches in diameter and taking them of lowers the total height.

Keter Unity Extra-Large Prep Dtation With Metal Top

bbq grill table

This Keter XL outdoor grill and prep table can be used in and outdoors. It deserves the extra-large in its name because it measures 53.1 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 35.4 inches in height. This all together adds up to a 78-gallon capacity. 54 gallons can be sealed and closed the rest is open space.

Customer Reviews Of the Keter XL Prep Station Table

I first looked at the lower ratings to make sure there were no things that would make me decide to delete this table from this review.

Besides the fact that there are complaints about the sturdiness of some buyers, others mention that it was no problem at all.

The customers write a lot about their bad experiences with customer service and how they never answer the phone or call back.

But most of the buyers are pretty happy with the prep table and use it all the time.

I think it is very good for smaller grills to set on the table and if you have a larger grill it is perfect to set it next to it and expand the available surface you have to prep your food.

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

price for this prep table

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Weber portable charcoal grill table

Why they call this a charcoal table I don’t know. It is just as good for a portable gas grill. Weber is the company that built this table and I found over 150 buyers who wrote about their opinion of this Weber grill table, and their opinions are good enough to rate it with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. We had a good look at them to see if it is worth those ratings.

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

Customer Reviews Of The Weber Charcoal Grill Side Table

We always first look at the lower ratings because those are more important than the ratings from people who are totally satisfied with a product.

There were two 1-star ratings and one of them mentioned that the legs were too hard to insert and remove and that is why they returned it and the second mentioned it only fit tabletop grills made after 2013. I have no idea what the difference is, but that is what they wrote.

No two-star ratings and one of the 3 stars wrote it fitted his Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal Grill from Weber perfectly, except that there is not much room left on the table.

Okay, let’s move on to the 4 and 5-star ratings and see what they have to say.
I see that it is a great fit for the Weber Go-anywhere grills and it gets some good remarks for its lightweight.

Someone, however, mentioned that the lightweight of this frill table took away from the sturdiness and the overall quality.

A portable BBQ table will need some compromising to be lightweight enough for camping and transportation of course.

price for this prep table

Overall this outdoor BBQ table is worth the ratings it received and can be considered a good buy. The price is a little steep, but Weber is a good brand although someone mentioned that the quality is not as high as it was in the past. Like any other company according to this reviewer.

Camco 57293 Deluxe Grilling Table

camping grill table

This Camco deluxe grilling table is really easy to set up and provides a lot of space with the two side tables. It comes in a handy storage bag with a carrying handle.
The top table of this outdoor grill table is large enough to use for about any portable grill and the side tables can be used for dishes or anything else you need for grilling. There are 4 hooks for your utensils and a paper towel holder included.

Customer reviews of the Camco 57293 outdoor grill table

Let’s start with the lower ratings although there were only a few of them. They stated that in the rain the shelves will warp and can not be used anymore.

Someone mentioned it was hard to use if the ground surface was not level, but does not go for any table I asked myself.

The table for the grill part is very good made of aluminum and measures 16×26 inches. It is locked on the frame and that makes it even better.

Folded this table measures 19x17x6 inches and the set up is 19x58x32 inches it is high enough even for slightly taller people, for most people to be able to look in the grill.

Assembly is very easy and straightforward and can be done in under a minute. folding up is just as easy and it fits great in the carrying case that comes with it.

price for this prep table

One thing we have to mention is that it seems to be very important to keep the side tables dry or dried off immediately after they get wet or they will warp.
If you keep the table outside keep it covered when rain is in the forecast to prevent this warping.

Stainless Steel Prep Table

Stainless Steel BBQ Prep Table

Stainless steel prep tables are found in every restaurant and there is a reason for that.

I remember years ago that I had a beautiful wooden prep table in my restaurant that was built like a chopping block.

The Health Department told me that the next year those types of tables were no longer allowed and I had to replace them with a stainless steel table.

As backyard pitmasters, we do not have to follow these rules. However, why not go for the safest product to keep the food we prepare as safe as possible and use a stainless steel BBQ prep table?

My Choice Stainless Steel Table

I know that stainless steel is most of the time very expensive. However, I found a company that delivers stainless steel tables, and many other things, for a very reasonable price.

“The reason I choose this table is that is made of 430-grade stainless steel that is more corrosion resistance than the mostly used 304 grade.”

my stainless steel prep table for outdoor cooking.

At the time of my writing this article, the price is $149.95

I went for the 14 x 24 inches size since that fits my needs the best. There are many other sizes available on their website.

The Details

The package was delivered right on my porch and when I picked it up I could already feel that it was heavy and that made me believe that it must be of good quality.

all parts of the stainless steel bbq prep table on my patio

After opening the box I found 4 parts.

  • Tabletop
  • Shelf
  • Leggs
  • Baggie with hardware

The description and the manual on how to install the parts were very easy to follow and with the hardware also came an Allen wrench and all the screws I needed.

All you do is place the tabletop upside down on a surface that will not scratch it and install the four legs.

Each leg is secured with 2 screws and this ensured me the quality again.

The next step was to decide where I wanted the shelf and secure this also with 2 screws per leg.

What puzzled me for a minute was the screws were already on the shelf and I did not have to use the screws that came in the hardware bag. So, I now have I have 4 screws left.

Now everything was installed it was time to remove the protective foil from the top and the shelf. It looked very nice and I am sure I will enjoy using this table for a long time.

More Stainless Steel Prep Table Options.

The AmGoodSupply company does offer many other sizes of stainless steel prep tables for the outdoor cook and you can find them all on their website https://www.amgoodsupply.com/stainless-steel-work-tables.

If you are still using other materials as a prep table I suggest you have a look at a stainless steel BBQ prep table to make sure that your food stays safe.

Just remember not to keep it outside. Stainless steel is rust-resistant but will rust eventually when left outside. After using it I moved it to my shed.

If you think stainless steel is not what you need you can have a look at the other outdoor prep tables I think you can use.

Sizes For Outdoor Barbecue Grill Tables

It is hard to give any advice on what size an outdoor grill table should be because it all depends on what you will use it for.

If all you need is a place to set your meat before putting it on the grill maybe the side table that came with your multiple burner gas grill is large enough.

If you are more into grilling a whole meal with vegetables and all the fixings you need a lot more space. When you also need room to put your portable gas grill also a nice size table needs to be on your wish list and you should maybe think of one of the larger outdoor grill prep stations we reviewed.

Portable And Fold-able Outdoor Prep Table Or Not

An outdoor BBQ prep table that you like to use on the campground or anywhere else can be foldable and lightweight. The smaller it is the better for traveling of course. A grill table for a portable pellet grill should be easy to store and not weigh too much. It is not just a prep table but also can be used as an outdoor grill stand to put your portable gas grill on it.

If you however only use it at home as a BBQ prep table and have the option to store it in the garage or shed in the wintertime you can go with a larger and heavier table so you maybe do not even have to use your outdoor grill stand.

I hope this review of the outdoor grill prep table helped you find the one that fits your backyard, patio, or even camping and tailgating events.

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has years of experience in running his full-service restaurant and with this came working with using and dealing with all types of kitchen equipment. With his experience, he can find all the pros and cons of grills and add them to the grill reviews and the outdoor cooking tips he is writing about. You can read more on the About page for Eddie van Aken

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