Oster Indoor Grills

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Oster indoor grills

An Oster grill is on the indoor electric grill wish list of many people and the reason is the affordable price in combination with the performance.
When I start looking at Oster indoor grills to see if they were worth writing reviews I was surprised by the positive reviews and wondered why this brand is not more popular than it is now. The used on stick surface is made of PTFE-free materials.

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I have found several models that all come with their own pros, cons, and features.
For each model, I have mentioned all the features to make it easier for you to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Oster 7 minute grill with DuraCeramic coating

Oster 7 minute grill

This Oster 7 minute grill comes in three colors. Red, Black, and white, and red to match your kitchen decor.

The DuraCeramic coating in combination with the digital timer makes this grill very easy to use. The claim is that this grill cooks virtually everything in 7 minutes.

This is 20% faster than an ordinary grill and will also save energy by doing it that fast. The drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning. the grill will lock into place so that the juices will drain very effectively.

You can simply click on the picture to check the low price we found or wait on our full review we will do later.

Oster Duraceramic panini maker and grill

Oster duraceramic panini maker and grill

This indoor grill comes in two colors and thus models. the Oster CKSTPM20W-ECO and the Oster CKSTPM20WM-ECO. One of the colors is black and the other I would describe as beige.

The durable non-stick cooking service of this Oster duraceramic makes it very lasting and easy to clean. The grill comes with adjustable feet that will let the juices run into the drip cups very easily.

There are two easy-to-remove drip cups that will catch the fat and other liquids. The cooking features of this grill will make it easy to cook healthy food with less fat.

The grill can also be used flat for grilling and then you can use both sides. Very easy for breakfast cooking.
You can click on the picture to see the price or wait for the full review that we are working on.

Oster Eco extra large panini maker and indoor grill

Oster Eco extra large panini maker and indoor grill

The floating hinges are a very nice feature of this grill and panini maker. This makes the grill adjust itself to the thickness of the sandwich or meat you are cooking on it.

This is an extra-large indoor grill with its 13 x 15-inch surface and this makes it easy to grill two sandwiches at the same time or two pieces of meat.

The griddle plates are not removable but are very easy to clean with a damp cloth. This easy cleaning is possible because of the ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is my personal favorite for most grills. There is no on/off switch and you have to unplug it to turn it of.

You can click on or under the picture to see the price or wait on the full review we are working on.

Oster Eco reversible grill and griddle

Oster Eco reversible grill and griddle

The model number of this DuraCeramic Oster is the CKSTGR3007 for if you like to look it up. This is a reversible grill with a non-stick PTFO free grill surface.

The two sides are a grill or a griddle and this makes this a very versatile grill that you can use for grilling meat and pancakes, eggs, or bacon in the morning.

The handles stay very cool and this is a big plus in my opinion. The cooking plate can be easily removed for easy cleaning. You can clean it by hand or in the dishwasher if you like because the plate is dishwasher safe.

You can find the low price by clicking on the picture or just under or wait on the full review we are working on.

Oster 2 in 1 panini maker and grill

Oster 2 in 1 panini maker and grill

This is another indoor grill that can be used in two ways. The first one is a panini maker and with the floating hinges this is very easy and the second one is the grill option. By opening the grill you double the grill surface and turn it into a large indoor electric grill.

Many people like the floating hinges and the fact that it adjusts to the thickness of your sandwich or meat very well. The grill option turns this product is a very versatile indoor grill for on the countertop.

Although the plates are not removable they are very easy to clean with a damp cloth. The drip pan can be removed for easy emptying and cleaning.
The nonstick surface is ceramic and does not contain any PTFE that we all know can be dangerous for our health.

You can click on the picture to find a very affordable price or come back later and read the full review that is in the making.

Indoor grill safety and use

Any indoor grill should be used for what it is made for and not for any other purpose. For safety, it is highly recommended not to leave the grill unattended and or leave the room where you use it.
Keep an eye on the cord that it can not be grabbed by children to keep them safe.
The fire brigades always recommend having a fire extinguisher in any kitchen and we also recommend that.

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We have seen that people look for an Oster indoor grill 4774 but have not been able to find it yet. Anyone can help me find it?

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