Ooni Pro Pizza Oven Review

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After my Ooni Pizza ovens review, I decide to a separate one here for the Onni Pro. This pizza oven is loaded with all incredible features to ensure a convenient and easy pizza preparation experience for the users.

Those who love to eat pizza and wish to serve the best ones for the guests as well may like to have a personal pizza oven at home. Well, the Ooni pro pizza oven is ready to serve your requirements with its classy and elegant design.

Ooni pro pizza oven is one of the most innovative cooking solutions for every home. People find it most reliable, portable, and simple to use with advanced features.

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Incredible Features of Ooni pro pizza oven:

There are so many exciting things to know about this Ooni pro pizza oven. It can achieve the maximum temperature range of 932-degree F in just 20 minutes and get ready to serve you evenly cooked pizzas in 60 seconds.

The oven is spacious and ensures a convenient cooking experience for beginners. The revolutionizing design makes it suitable to cook large pizzas, seared vegetables, fresh bread, and roasted joints of meats as well.

Impressive features of Ooni pro pizza oven


This pizza preparation solution cooks either with charcoal or food. The pallet burner ensures the smooth conversion of pellets or gas to ensure fast heating abilities. Even beginners find it a more flexible, convenient, and solid solution for their routine cooking needs.


Here is an oven with a wide opening and spacious cooking surface that can accommodate a wide range of cookware with ease. You will find it easier to handle during preparation.

High Heats:

This pizza oven is made up of an insulated steel body and a handy stone baking board. It allows optimum heat retention so that you can enjoy an even heating experience for pizza preparation.

Fast Cooking:

You will be happy to hear that this pizza oven gets ready to prepare delicious pizza for your guests in just 20 minutes. And the pizza gets ready in only 60 seconds. Your guests will definitely love them.

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  • The ceramic fiber insulation blocks the heat inside to ensure fast cooking.
  • It comes with wooden handles that ensure easy opening and closing.
  • Made up of stainless steel exterior.
  • Ready to cook pizzas in just 20 minutes.
  • Specially designed temperature gauge to maintain your heating range.
  • Can prepare pizza in just 60 seconds.


  • Some people report problems with airflow.
  • It gets quite hot on the outside; you may burn your hands if you accidentally touch the outside.

Ooni Pro review – My Opinion

Ooni pro pizza oven is the best choice for all those cooking lovers that wish to serve the best recipes to the guests during parties. This oven is made up of all high-quality materials that ensure long-life performance with quality food preparation abilities.

The Ooni pro pizza oven review shows it is believed to be the best alternative for all outdoor cooking needs.

You can place an order for this pizza oven online to enjoy delicious recipes at home. Your guests and family members will definitely love the experience.

If you are not sure if this is the right model for your style of pizza cooking or family size you can have a look at 2 other Ooni pizza ovens I reviewed

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