Napoleon Gas Grill Reviews

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Napoleon gas grill reviews

What we found in the Napoleon grill reviews is that the quality of these grills is mentioned and confirmed by many users all over the nation.

Although the price might be a little higher than other brands it is also a known fact that you get what you pay for.
The napoleon website is filled with tons of information and is the home of a community of users where they share their experiences and recopies.

There are many grills available from the Napoleon company and it would take us years to do all the napoleon BBQ reviews.

I will have to limit myself due to the fact that there is not enough time to review all the different models.

But with many models that come with many of the same features, I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find the Napoleon gas grill review you are looking for.

There are mainly two lines of grills available in our Napoleon gas grill reviews at this moment.
They are:

  • Mirage series
  • Prestige series

Both Napoleon gas grill series comes with many models.
From 2 burners all the way to 7 burners.
From outdoor gas grills to built-in gas grills.
From natural gas to propane gas-fueled

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Our first Napoleon BBQ grills review is the napoleon mirage-m485rsib review and you can click on the link or on the picture on the left to read the full review of this propane gas grill with infrared side burner and infrared sear burner.

The second one is the Napoleon mirage-m605rsbipss-1-review and you can read it by clicking on the link.

With all these choices available and in combination with the outstanding quality of the napoleon grills there must be a grill for your kind of cooking, grilling, and lifestyle available.

Napoleon BBQ prices

There is one thing I found in the Napoleon gas grill reviews that might be a little a shock. They are not cheap. They call them after all Gourmet grills.

There are a few of their models that come with a price tag under 500 dollars but most of them are well above that mark.

For this reason and if you do not follow the latest shining object available you can have a look at their discontinued items to find some deals.

There is nothing wrong with these models other than that a company has to come out with new models.

Most of the time I have noticed like in the Weber Q series grill review that it is just some cosmetic changes or minor quality upgrades.

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