Mirage M605RSBIPSS-1 Review

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napoleon M605RSBIPSS-1 review

This Napoleon grill its full name is M605RSBIPPS-1 propane gas grill with infrared rear and side burner. But most people just call it what we call it in this https://bettergrills.com/mirage-m605rsbipss-1-review/Mirage M605RSBIPPS-1 review.
This propane gas grill comes with 3 burners, an infrared sear burner at the bottom, and a very handy side burner.
90.500 BTU and 908 sq inches of cooking space.
Available in propane and natural gas version.

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908 SQ inches primary and 1900 SQ inches warming rack

More features

Stainless steel cooking grates
3 stainless steel burners and an Infrared ceramic sear burner.
The entire firebox and everything is made of stainless steel.
A rotisserie can be added for some additional cooking options.

Customer Reviews of the Mirage M605RSBIPPS-1

“I own a charcoal grill and gas grill. My JennAir Gas Grill bit the dust after 7 years. I did a lot of research to replace my gas grill. After my research, I decided I wanted the Napolean Mirage Gas Grill. I shopped the price and Amazon had the best price. The product arrived on time. I put it together myself. Not difficult to assemble. I have been using this grill and I am amazed at how much better it is than the JenAir Grill. The food taste like if not better than my charcoal grill which amazes me. My meats have been more juicy than my charcoal grill and this is just on the regular side of the grill not the Infrared burner section. This is a great grill. Yes, more expensive than many on the market but it is worth it. …”

“Just purchased this from Amazon and have only cooked on it a few times ,but so far I love it. The searing is amazing and speeds up the cooking significantly.

Good quality materials and it feels substantial. So far I have not experienced the discoloration that the other reviewer experience.

Assembly was very straight forward with no surprises. It took a bit of time ,but went very smoothly and parts fit as they should….(read more here: Mirage M605RSBIPSS-1 Review)”

Better Grills Rating: 4.6

Pros & Cons


The infrared sear burner is most certainly a very big plus. Searing a steak is very easy on this very hot infrared burner.
It can be used for indirect cooking and even with charcoal with the attachment you have to buy separately.


Several warnings about not leaving the grill uncovered in the rain, but I recommend that for every grill.
This series seems to be made in china and people mention that this has affected the quality in general.
Check the price here

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Mirage M605RSBIPSS-1 my opinion

After reading many and many opinions on just as many sites and forums it is hard to come to a simple conclusion about this Napoleon Mirage grill. We hear and read great things and we hear and see people who are not too impressed with the Mirage M605RSBIPSS-1 gas grill.

Overall the grill gets pretty good ratings.
The infrared burner gets most of the better reviews. This makes searing a steak really a piece of cake because of the high temperature.

The ice bucket and cutting board are some nice features that everyone has to decide on for themself if they think it is useful. I think it is just a nice extra that I could live without with no problem.
Keeping a grill covered when not in use is always one of our first recommendations but in this case, it is almost a must to prevent it from rusting.

New Napoleon Mirage Model is Available

Although there is nothing wrong with the old model as you could read in our review there is a newer model available.

Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS Propane Gas Grill

This new model will be reviewed on its own page later, but you can have a look at it by following our link to Amazon and have a look at it.
By clicking on this link. Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS

Recommendations for the Mirage M605RSBIPSS-1

Like always we recommend the use of a quality grill cover.

Tips from real Mirage M605RSBIPSS-1 users

Tips we found from real users
If the grill is left uncovered, heavy rain will flood the inside of the grill.
There’s a charcoal tray you have to buy separately but it’s not expensive.

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