Mirage M485RSIB Review

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Mirage M485RSIBPSS review

Rating: 3.7 Reviewed by: Eddie

This grill its full name is Napoleon Mirage M485RSIBSS propane grill with infrared sear and side burner. But most people just call it what we call it.

This propane gas grill comes with 3 burners, an infrared sear burner, and a very handy side burner.
The cutting board and ice bucket are two very nice features that come in very handy.

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The users of this grill give it a 3.7 rating. Read for yourself if you think this is right.
I think it is a pretty good rating and you can see why we think so in our summary of the Mirage M485rsib review.

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napoleon mirage m485rsib best price

Grill surface of the Napoleon Mirage M485RSIB

4854 SQ inches primary and 1900 SQ inches warming rack

Material of the grate

Stainless steel waved rod cooking grates

Features of this grill

Brand and ModelNapoleon Mirage M485RSIBPSS-1
BTU74000 total.
Side burnerYes infrared. 12500 BTU
Rear burnerYes. Infrared 13500 BTU
Cooking grateStainless steel waved rod.
Extra featuresIce bucket
Cutting Board
Cooking surface485 Sq inches primary and 190 Sq inches warming rack
Customer rating3.7 out of 5 stars

Customer Reviews

“Most compare this grill with a Weber because build quality and price points are very similar. The only reason I removed one star is because the Weber looks better in person, but that’s the only complaint about Napoleon. The Weber’s oven sides are still painted cast metal just like the Napoleon, but they make the color the same as the stainless and then cover the seam with a stainless band and it gives the appearance of a fully stainless hood and oven.

Otherwise, the Napoleon Mirage is the best thing around at this price point. It has great high and low heat, is set with indirect cooking in mind, cooks evenly, and is easy to use as a smoker, and you can cook with charcoal as an option! The rotisserie works great, and the infrared side burner is a nice inclusion, although the grill will get hot enough to sear without it. With the infrared side burner/searer you don’t have a flame blowing out on a windy day, and you can use it as a searing station, although it’s not the biggest searing station. You can fit two rib eyes on there maximum…”

“Grill comes in a pretty large heavy package. My cutting board came split and I had to use some wood glue and clamps to get it back together. Also, there were some random dents and scratches, so packaging leaves something to be desired. Assembly of the grill took some time, especially peeling all the plastic off the thing. Once I got it together and running though it was great. The ignition system is a bit finicky to get going but I do like the little jets of flames it uses to light the burners, more show than actual practicality though. The Infrared burner on this grill is what really shines. My friend has a Jenn-air with an infrared side burner and the one on the napoleon puts it to shame. It gets very hot. You can very noticeable feel the heat off of it standing 4-5 feet away from it. The rack on the IR burner is adjustable in height. The default lower setting is for use with pans and woks while the higher setting is for searing meat. I accidentally seared a steak on the lower setting the first time I used it and it seared to a nice Carmel color in 30 seconds per side. It did end up slightly more charred than I like on the grill-marked sections. Overall this grill is great but I took one star away due to some of the issues with the packaging not protecting it properly.
…(read more here🙂

Better Grills Rating: 3.9

Pros & Cons


The infrared sear burner is most certainly a very big plus. Searing a steak is very easy on this very hot infrared burner.
It can be used for indirect cooking and even with charcoal with the attachment you have to buy separately.


Several warnings about not leaving the grill uncovered in the rain, because it will flood and this is why we read some negative opinions about rust problems.
This series seems to be made in China and people mention that this has affected the quality in general.

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Features Overview:

My opinion about the Mirage-m485rsib grill

After reading many and many opinions on just as many sites and forums it is hard to come to a simple conclusion for this Napoleon Mirage grill. We hear and read great things and we hear and see people who are not too impressed with this propane gas grill.

Overall the Mirage-m485rsib grill gets pretty good ratings and some of the more negative remarks are about receiving the grill a little damaged by the trucking company.
The infrared burner gets most of the better reviews. This makes searing a steak really a piece of cake because of the high temperature.

The ice bucket and cutting board are some nice features that everyone has to decide on for themself if they think it is useful. I think it is just a nice extra that I could live without with no problem.

Keeping a grill covered when not in use is always one of our first recommendations but in this case, with the flooding of the grill, it is almost a must to prevent it from rusting.
The separately available charcoal option makes it to a grill that can be used for all kinds of grilling and smoking.

Recommended for this Napoleon Mirage-m485rsib grill

As always I recommend the use of a quality grill cover.

Tips from real users

Tips we found from real users
If the grill is left uncovered, heavy rain will flood the inside of the grill.
There’s a charcoal tray you have to buy separately but it’s not expensive.

Eddie van Aken

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