Melissa Cookston Recipe Books Review

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Melissa Cookston bbq book

Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie

In this Melissa Cookston recipe book you can read how she became a very well-known name in the competition barbecue world and as a restaurateur in the restaurant business.
She competes with some big names in several pitmaster competitions and obviously knows what she is talking about.
Here I review one of the books she wrote about that.

Smoking In The Boy’s Room.

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Customer reviews of Melissa Cookston’s Recipe book

“I am an old BBQer and have many books on Slow Smoking meats. So I look carefully before I purchase any new book anymore. This book by Cookston is a keeper. It is genuine and is about a particular region and style of cooking from a highly successful competition cooker. She knows her stuff and the best thing she does things in a simple and direct manner and turns out fantastic food. I love it when highly intelligent gals take part in any business–we all improve with their insight and management. This book would make a fine gift for anyone that loves fine Que. ..

“I’ve admired Melissa Cookston’s skills and resolve to excel in a world where very few women are accepted, so I was looking forward to her take on the BBQ book. Melissa follows the standard format for this type of book, referencing appetizers, sides, and desserts, along with the BBQ “main event” items divided by the type of animal, along with a few non-barbecued entrees. Her recipes and techniques are solid, and her suggestions for creating complex layers of flavors using relatively simple methods are dead on for competitors or home cooks….(read more here: Smokin in the boy’s room review)”

My Opinion of the Melissa Cookston Recipe Book

I have looked at the ratings and here is how they are divided
5 stars – 81%
4 stars – 13%
3 stars – 3%
2 stars – 3%
As always I like to know why people give a low rating, and in this Melissa Cookston grilling and BBQ book review, I do this also because there are maybe things that others have not noticed.

Here is what I found in the 2-star ratings.
One mentioned that it was not for the average backyard person because it did not have the everyday meats in it. another wrote that the recipes were okay, but he had to tweak them to his taste.
I do not see this as a negative point, but more a personal taste that was not found in the book.
So, I just ignore them and look at the remarks about this book that can help me decide how to rate it.

This book is a nice combination of recipes and grill techniques written in a very clear way.
The content is filled with more details than many others wrote was something I ran into a few times while going through all the opinions.
The recipes sometimes come with ingredients that might be a little hard to get in some parts of the country, but she gives an alternative for most of them.

Overall this book comes with some great recommendations from all over the USA.
People from the South recognize the taste and flavor they are used to and people from other parts find new recipes to try out.
I recommend this book to every person who likes to grill, BBQ, and smoke.
I put it on my wishlist to add to my arsenal of cookbooks.

Where to buy Melissa Cookston’s Recipe book

This book is available in a Kindle and a Hard copy version.
Although the Kindle version is always cheaper than the hard copy I still prefer the hardcover versions of most books I read.

You can click on this link to find the price on Amazon for Melissa Cookston’s book. Smoking in the boy’s room.

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