Best Online Meat Delivery Services – Is It Cheaper?

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butcher store front that does online meat delivery services

When I started looking for the best online meat delivery companies I found out that there are many options to order meat online.

I have tested several and I am writing about these meat box delivery services, and some others that I have not used yet here.

Is It Safe?

I have ordered and received several online meat packages and I had a few questions and doubts before I started doing so.

One of the main doubts I had was about food safety.

“I found the question is it safe to order meat from online delivery services several times and, in my personal experience I have to say YES!”

I think buying meat online is just as safe as driving home from your local butcher or large retail shop with meat in your car.

Is It Cheaper?

It is hard to compare prices for BBQ meat delivery since everything went up in the last year.

Comparing online meat delivery services to a regular butcher and looking at their prices is not easy to do. In general, they are not cheaper per pound of meat. However, you save on gas and time spent shopping.

Where To Buy Meat Online?

That question is almost impossible to answer. It all depends on what type of meat you are looking for.

“In general, I order meat from stores with good ratings and great customer service.”

I made a selection of online butchers that sell farm fresh meat I have used and some that I reviewed by reading many opinions of others who used them.

Crowd Cow

I am not sure if this is one of the first ones that started selling meat online but it is certainly one of the most known ones.

If you are interested click on the link to read my Crowd Cow review.

Butcher Box

If there is one I can’t leave out it must be this one. It is one of the most well-known online butchers and you can read my Bucher Box review to find out more.


This is also a very popular online meat store. I found some mixed opinions about them and you can read all about them in my Farmfoods review.

Snake River Farms

This is one of the online butchers with a very high customer rating. When I wrote the Snake River Farms review I found that the combination between them and the Double-R ranch works very well.

Fossil Farms

If you are into exotic meats such as Elk, Bison, or even Antelope or Kangaroo to just mention a few you most certainly have to have a look at the Fossil Farms review I did.

Good Chop

This is one of the newer online meat stores. However, they have built up a very good reputation in that short time and I have used them myself as you can read in my Good Chop review.

Good Ranchers

This is the company that sells its meat out of pop-up tents all over the country at very low prices. But also at a nice quality. They also sell meat in their internet store and you can read my opinion about them in my Good Ranchers review.

Carnivore Club

As the name gives it away already this store is all about meat. Although this is not the meat you throw on the grill. It is high-quality cured gourmet meats. Interested? Read my Carnivore Club review.

Meat n’ Bone

Meat and Bone sell more than meat. they also sell seafood. Their selection is very broad and contains a choice from pork chops to more exotic and unknown cuts of meat and if you like to find out more just dig into my Meat n Bone reviews on its own page.

The Meatery

The Meatery is a fairly new store where you can order the more expensive Wagyu beef. You can choose from the original Japanese to Australian Wagyu, and many special cuts as you can read in my The Meatery review.

Porter Road

If you live near Nashville TN you probably have heard of the meat they sell in this store. Now you can order their meat online after you had a good look at my Porter Road reviews I am almost sure you will.

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Online Meat Delivery Services – My Experience

As I mentioned I have ordered meat online in some of the stores I wrote about here.

Some have sent me free meat so I could write a review. This, however, does not make me write differently than if I had ordered it myself.

Overall my experience is very positive and the meat that I ordered and cooked or grilled was of better quality than I find in my local grocery store or one of the big box stores.

The prices are a little higher but when you figure in the convenience of the home delivery service in the price, I think it is worth the extra money in most cases.

Pros and Cons

Everything comes with pros and cons and ordering meat online is no exception to that rule.


One of the biggest pros of ordering meat online is the convenience of having it delivered to your doorstep.

The second one is the time you save on driving back and forth to the grocery store and the gas you save.

In my experience, the meat arrived solid frozen and all I had to do is take it out of the insulated box and stock it in my freezer,


There are of course also cons to ordering meat in online stores. The one for me is that you are not able to pick the meat since you are not able to see it.

At your local store, you can tell the butcher to give you a certain piece that looks good to you.

The other con is that you can’t order a specific weight in most cases.

Eddie van Aken

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