Masterbuilt 30 and 40 Inch Electric Smoker Cover Review

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Masterbuilt 30 and 40 Inch Electric Smoker Cover Review

The popularity of Masterbuilt electric smokers is well known and more and more people start using this type of smoker because it is so easy to use.
We will do a review of this soon in our electric smoker reviews section for this type of smoker.
Like any other grill, smoker, or BBQ this one also needs a quality grill cover to protect it against the elements and make your smoker last longer.

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Features of the Masterbuilt smoker cover

  • fits 30 or 40-inch smokers perfect
  • Fade-resistant
  • Made of Polyester

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

Customer reviews

We have found a ton of people who left comments about the Masterbuilt 30 and 40-inch electric smoker cover and also the ones who used it on their propane smoker.
Here are the numbers we found.

  • 7% 1-star ratings
  • 5% 2-star ratings
  • 9% 3-star ratings
  • 17% 4-star ratings
  • 62% 5-star ratings

Like we always do we had a look at the lower ratings first to see what they had to say and if there were things that came back consistently.
The most heard complaint was about the quality and the not to perfect fit of the smoker cover. Some mentioned it not being waterproof or leaking on the seams.

The middle range ratings, like I call them 3 stars, are giving a more realistic impression of the cover. Their most heard complaint was also about not fitting, (too tight or too wide) and not being 100% waterproof.

The higher ratings, 4 and 5 stars made up 79 percent of the ratings were happy with the smoker cover and just a view mentioned that the cover does not reach all the way over the legs of the smoker and leave them exposed.
That and the fact that there were no straps at the bottom were mentioned most.
The used material was mentioned ad thinner than expected but very strong.

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Our opinion about the Masterbuilt 30 and 40 inch smoker cover

Like any other grill or smoker cover, we have to realize that it is still a handmade product. This means that there will be slight differences in the fitting on your grill.

That is why I advise you to check it as fast as you receive it and check the fitting.
You should also hold it against the light and check the seams to see if you see any light. This might indicate a leak.

With over 2300 people who took the time to write about their opinion about the Masterbuilt cover and an average of 4.3 stars, I can recommend this as a decent buy.

The price is very low compared to many other brands and grill covers and this indicates that you should not expect it to last for years and years.

Too many people expect a grill cover that is in the element all year round to last forever. I hate to burst your bubble but that will not happen. Not even with the higher-priced ones. This is a product that has to be replaced once in a while.

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