Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill

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Rating: 4.1 Reviewed by: Eddie
Marsh Allen Hibachi grill review

When you look at the Marsh Allen Hibachi grill like I did it is one of the names that pops up many times when it comes to Hibachi grills.
This was a Reason to do the Marsh Allen Hibachi grill review since this was one of the names that came back several times.
First I hesitated to look at the Marsh Allen Hibachi grill because it had an average of 3.9 stars and usually I do not do grill reviews under 4 stars. However, after reading some of the over 450 reviews I decided that I think it deserves a higher rating and many people like to use these types of outdoor grills.

Better Grills Rating: 4.1

Table of Contents

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Features of the Marsh Allen cast iron hibachi grill

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Like all Hibachi grills, the Mars Allen Hibachi grill also uses charcoal. The grill area is 157 square inches and is divided into two grill grates. Both grill grates come with a nice wooden handle to keep them cool to touch.
These two grill grates Have 3 options to adjust in height. This is easy for creating multiple temperatures.
The two air vents are not made of cast iron and that is why the ratings might be a little lower.

More features and measurements

  • Overall measurements are: 18 x 10.5 inches.
  • Grill grates measure 9 x 8 inches.
  • Air vents are easy to use
  • Weight is 18 pounds

Customer reviews of the Marsh Allen hibachi grill 30052AMZ

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Perfect size Portable grill for 2 (up to 4) people. (Portable, but it does take a while to cool down.) The protective finish on cast iron had an odour peculiar of some volatile compounds (can’t quite put my finger on it); the odor persisted after thorough wash. I decided to season all cast iron parts with Crisco, and after 20 minutes in the oven the odour dissipated (seasoned for a little over an hour at 350 deg). No residual odour, and the grill has a beautiful sheen.
After assembly, I had to file two positions on the back support where the cooking grid is inserted, or the grid just wouldn’t stay in place. Just used my leatherman, no biggie…..”

“The grill arrived as advertised on time. The grill required some assembly and included simple instructions with the necessary parts. It was double packed in two shipping boxes and was heavy resulting in some damage to the outer box. After 15 minutes of assemble the grill was ready to go. It is simple to operate and because it is small uses only a little charcoal. Works great. Note: the grill is heavy….(read more : here)”

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What we think about this Marsh Allen Hibachi grill

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There is not much negative to say about a grill that cost at the most $40. The thing we found is that it gets real hot at the bottom and should be placed on a service that can handle that. Do not use a plastic patio table.
The air vents are cast iron but place in a regular steel frame.

Fitting the grill grates was sometimes a little problem and need a little grinding or filing to make them fit.
This Japanese type of grill is what they call a vintage cast iron hibachi grill and reminds of when I was a lot younger. If you only grill for 2,3 or maybe 4 people and like a sturdy charcoal grill that can last for a long time this is a nice choice.

A little heavy for camping with its 18 lbs, but in an RV is would work well. Remember to let it cool of before moving and also remember that cast iron holds it temperature a long time so it might take a while to cool off.

Video about the Marsh Allen Hibachi grill

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  1. I am looking to purchase a few small disposable bbq grills. Winn Dixie Supermarket handled them years ago. Ace Hardware also handled them but don’t anymore. Do you have any you can sell to us. We use them on our small patio then discard. Thank you

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