Marinade Injector Reviews (The Best Buy For Your Bucks?)

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marinade injector reviewsI found out doing our marinade injector reviews that some people call them also meat injectors and others talk about marinade injectors, but they are basically the same product, although some people say that they have a different kind of needle. Read the explanation here

If you are looking for a turkey injector or just trying to find stainless steel or cheap meat injector, I will help you find the one you need

What I do in our marinade injector reviews is try to help you find the best meat injector for your kind of cooking.

Mr Grill 2 ounce meat injector review

mrgrill injector reviewThe Mr Grill 2 ounces injector comes with 2 2.6-inch long needles. one for meat injecting and the other for marinating meat. The material is stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Mr Grill injector customer review

“The first thing I tried it on was a pork butt roast. After injecting the roast I put it in a zip lock bag with some of juice left over and did the same with some pork ribs. I let them marinade in the refridgerator for two days turning them over once in a while in order to spread the marinade evenly. This injector is of professional grade and has opened a new chapter in my cooking. And by the way, the meat is delicious and tender through and through….(read more here: Mr Grill seasoning injector review)”

My opinion of the MR. Grill injector

With an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 275 people, there can be not too much wrong with this meat injector. I found one person that mentioned that at the first use the needle rusted, but he was able to brush it off. I would have sent it back.
Like all injectors, it is a little hard to use with thicker marinates and solutions. Also, be careful when you use a warm solution. The heat gets transferred through the metal real fast and it might be getting warm.
Most reviewers mention the sturdiness and liked the whole handgrip with the 2 rings on the side to put your fingers in.
Overall this meat and marinade injector can be recommended as a good buy for a decent price

Better Grills Rating: 4.7

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Grill Beast Stainless Steel Meat Injector review

grill beast injector reviewThe grill beast injector kit is the number one seller and received a 4.9 rating from over 275 reviewers.
The stainless steel is high grade and the injector holds 2 ounces, just like most other brands.
The needles are 6 inches long and that makes it possible to even use them as a turkey injector.

Grill beast injector customer review

“Heavy duty and comes with tips, hints and video online on the best way to use it. I purchased it to use with fruit by injecting spirits into watermelon initially. The product owner was very helpful and even called me to talk about the best way to do that. Since then I have also used it to inject meats for grilling and roasting. Once I got the hang of it I like using it. The customer service they have is great and in the USA so it is easy to contact them….(read more here: Grill Beast meat injector review)”

Mopinion of the grill beast injector

It was not easy to find bad things to write about the Grill beast injector. I could only find a total of 3 somewhat negative reviews. One about the o-ring leaking and one about that the marinade came out in clumps in the meat.
Maybe this can be blamed on the marinade and not on the quality of the meat injector?.
The 6-inch-long needles make it possible to use it for larger cuts of meat and also to marinate a whole chicken or turkey.
There is an E-book included in the purchase of the grill beast and a 100% money-back guarantee.
I can give this a “highly recommended and thumbs up” recommendation.

Better Grills Rating: 4.9

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Bayou Classic 5011 2-ounce review

bayou classic 5011 reviewThis Bayou classic injector can be bought as a single injector or in a 3 pack. This is easy if you need presents for all backyard grillers. I could not find how long the needles re, but looking at the picture I guess about 3 or 4 inches.

Bayou classic 50011 customer review

“Good quality heavy steel and fit and finish are good. The threads on the cap are thin but could only be stripped by not paying attention. It works smoothly. The complaints of filling it with juice is again just silly if your juice is too thick to use the liquid needle (the one with the holes) use the minced marinade needle to fill and turn it upside down and swap needles. I give this 4 stars only because this is not made in USA….(read more : here)”

My opinion of the Bayou injector 5011

After reading a lot of customer reviews on several sites, I can come to the conclusion that this injector is pretty sturdy and hard to break. It will last many years if used in a normal way. There was a little complaint about the holes being big and that made it hard to suck up the liquids. They stated it was easier to fill from the top in that case.
The ounces markings on the side make it easy to see how much you inject at every place.
The fine threat on the top is a little easy to strip according to some people, but I could only find a few complaints about that.
Overall this multi-needle meat injector that also can be used for marinades with some courser ingredients can be considered a good buy for its money.

Better Grills Rating: 4.5

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Epica 2 ounce Stainless-Steel injector review

Epica meat injector reviewEpica is a well-known brand and that is why the 4.7-star rating from almost 300 users does not surprise me.
The 6-inch needles in combination with the easy-grip for 3 fingers make it very easy to use.

Epica meat injector customer review

“I did not have to worry about waiting for the sauce I was injecting to cool to a temp to use in a plastic injector that otherwise may have damaged it. The two different types of needles was also a plus. The multi-port needle is great for large cuts of meat, but you have to either make sure you have all of the openings inside the meat, or you will get splash out side of where you want….(read more here: Epica injector review)”

My opinion of the Epica 2 ounce seasoning injector

I always look at the lower ratings first and did the same in my marinade injector reviews to see if even include the product on our website, but there was no doubt about the Epica injector. With its 2 ounces, it is just as big as the other once I reviewed, but the thing that got most mentioned most was the quality of the material and that it was easy to take apart to clean.
The downside was the threat on the plunger top was a little touchy, but I read that in most other reviews also.
Almost 300 reviews and an average of 4.7 stars make this a good buy for its bucks.

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

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Cuisavour’s 2 Oz marinade injector review

cuisavor meat injector reviewHigh grade 18/8 stainless steel body and comes also with two needles. As a bonus, you will get a silicone basting brush with your purchase.

Cuisavour injector customer review

“Cuisavour’s stainless steel seasoning injector has a great built quality. I personally tried the other brand, the ones with a plastic cylinder, it’s cheap and I thought it will last but I actually used it for only three times then it was already broken. Now I learned from that mistake and bought this stainless injector and I’m very satisfied, it was worth the money. I’m using it every weekend to cook some good food, it’s very easy to assemble/disassemble, very comfortable to use and clean! If you want a sturdy seasoning injector I recommend this!
…(read more here: Cuisavour seasoning injector review)”

My opinion of the Cuisavour meat injector

Almost did not include this injector in our reviews because I did see many reviews from people who got a free example in exchange for a review and that always makes me wonder a little.
But I found many more reviews from verified buyers and that made me change my mind because that would make it possible for me to write an honest review.
What I found is that it is a pretty good quality product and easy to use and easy to clean.
If I would recalculate the ratings and subtract the “paid” reviewers I still come to a very good rating.
Overall I can give this meat/marinade injector a good rating and a good buy for its money. Although the price is a little higher than the other injectors I reviewed.

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

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Premiala 2 ounce meat injector review

Premiala 2Oz meat injector kitI have reviewed the Premiala meat injector and were so impressed that I reviewed it on its own page.
I am not sure if I can call this the best marinade and BBQ injector, but when you read all the comments it sure looks like it.
==>>Click here to read the full Premiala injector review
==>> Click here to see the current price for the Premiala injector

Injector needle and marinade needle

Although I personally have used both types of needles for marinating and injecting meat, some people like to use a different needle for different types of meats.
Injector needle
meat injector needle
This needle is just like the needle in a syringe and has an opening at the end.

Marinading needle
marinating needle
This one has several openings all over the length of the needle and the end is sealed to spread the solution only from the sides. This one is better to use with marinades that contain more solids like minced garlic.

I think it is just a personal preference, but I can also see the point of people saying that the marinating solution will be better divided throughout the meat.
I have used both and could not really see or taste a difference. But feel free to let me know if you think I am wrong and you know why we should use one.

Tips and advice about Marinade Injectors

After doing our marinade injector reviews I found several tips that I like to share with you. Some of them will make using a meat injector easier.

  • Use a little olive oil on the plungers to make them work easier
  • Use the marinate needle for liquids that contain more solids to divide them better in the meat
  • Clean and dry good after use

I hope you enjoyed my meat and marinade injector reviews and found what you are looking for.
I think all of the injectors Ireviewed are being considered a good buy because I try to only review products that come with higher ratings.
Most of the meat and marinade injectors I reviewed here are not commercial meat injectors. For this, it is probably better to use a meat injector pump.
I recommend the Chops power injector system with 4 needles for this and you can find it here. Later Imight write a full meat injector pump review and will include more brands.

Feel free to leave a comment or your opinion or experience with a meat or marinade injector.

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