Mannkitchen MK32144 Pepper Cannon Review

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mannkitchen pepper cannon

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon is a modern pepper mill designed to make pepper grinding and sprinkling convenient.

Apart from its functionality, this pepper cannon is highly aesthetic, plus it is capable of dispensing pepper ten times more than other pepper mills would.

After using it for a while now, I’ll be reviewing the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon and other important details that’ll prove helpful.

What Is the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon?

“This is a world-class pepper mill that promises ten times the output of other similar pepper mills”

It has a grind mesh range of 8 to 60 in comparison to other top-rated mills that have an output of 12 to 28 grind mesh.

Mannkitchen Pepper Canon Specifications.

  • Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Weight: 485 grams
  • Top diameter: 50 mm
  • Height: 185 mm
  • Base cup capacity: 1.25 oz
  • Base diameter: 55 mm
  • Paper capacity: 2.3 oz

Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon Features

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon offers some amazing features. They include:

More Output of Pepper

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon can produce more quantities of freshly grounded pepper in comparison to other traditional pepper cannons.

It can dispense pepper ten times more than other top-rated mills in the same or similar cranks.

If this seems like a lot to you, all you have to do is reduce the coarseness of the miller so that you can get the amount of pepper you need or desire.

What this miller also does for you is that it enables you to sprinkle your eggs with pepper using just one crank.

Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon Compared To Regular Pepper Mills

mannkitchen compare to regular pepper mills.

Ease of Use

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon is very convenient. The structure and design make filling it up effortless. Unlike other conventional pepper cannons, Mannkitchen does not require you to remove any upper lids, adjust nuts, recalibrate, or tie the nuts.

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon is simple. All you have to do is push down a button, the top will pop off and you can fill it. After filling, you can press the top back into place.

Further, you can use Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon with only one hand. There is a cup at the bottom of the pepper mill that is easy to remove as well. This comes in handy if you’re marinating fish alone.

You don’t need help, you can just sprinkle the pepper with one hand.

Wide Range of Grind Options

Another differentiating feature of the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon is that it can produce ground pepper between the ranges of 8 and 60 mesh sizes.

pepper mill grind ranges

“Conventional pepper cannons can only grind pepper between the sizes of 12 and 28.”

This means that you can always get the perfect ground pepper size for your meal with the aid of Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon.

mannkitchen coarse settings

Assuming you love to include freshly ground pepper in your dish, this will prove very helpful for you. You can make your pepper coarse enough for steak and roast beef, or crush it to the finest extent for dressing dishes. Whatever you want, you can get the perfect results.


The design of the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon is smooth and sleek. The metal construction is solid as well with an anodized back finish. At first sight, you can decipher its quality. The simple design will help complement your kitchen space.

Despite this, the cannon does not have an unusual shape and the design does not affect its functionality.

Pros and Cons of the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon

Like every other product, the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon mill has its pros and cons. Here is what you need to know.


High Grind Quality

The quality you get from using the pepper cannon is incomparable to others. Unlike other typical pepper mills that make the pepper appear grated, the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon goes the extra mile to make super fine particles of ground pepper.


The pepper cannon is made from aluminum which can be infinitely recyclable. The premium quality of the material also helps it to withstand unfavorable conditions such as falls.


The body of the pepper cannon is produced using solid chunks of anodized high-grade aluminum to make it long-lasting. The metal construction also increases its strength and usability.


It Is Expensive

The major con of the Mannkitchen Peppermill is its high price. This is however justifiable because of the grind quality it offers. Investing in it would therefore pay off in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I started using this pepper cannon I looked at several brands and had to find answers to some of the questions I had.

Is the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon Worth Buying?

The price may seem high but the pepper cannon delivers on all its promises. The ease of use, wide grind ranges, portability, and durability it offers makes it worth the try.

Can You Use the Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon to Grind Salt?

You may find out that it can grind salt as well but it is inadvisable to do so. This is because salt corrodes aluminum and can affect the lifespan of the pepper cannon.

Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon – My Opinion

I sometimes smoke a lot of meat, which I usually order from one of these companies, at the same time and the Pepper Cannon save me time and some muscle aches.

“If you use pepper as I do on large pieces of meat before grilling or smoking this pepper cannon is a great tool.”

But even for smaller pieces, I love it.

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon has a high grind performance. It is convenient to use and offers other benefits including sustainability and durability.

As you might know, I love making my own seasoning mixes and the high output saves me some time while doing this.

Consistency of grind is also another thing you enjoy about using it. This makes it essential for your outdoor cooking kitchen.

The major disadvantage is its high price, but this is okay compared to the value it offers.

Overall, the Mannkitchen pepper cannon is a worthy investment that will save you energy and time and make your meals tastier.

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