Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

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I don’t know about you but I always have problems with keeping my paper towels close to me when I am cooking on my grill or smoker.

Recently I discovered the magnetic paper towel holders and decided to have a look at them to see if this might be a solution to my problem. I also guess I am not the only one with this problem.

I looked at several models but this one seems to work better for use outdoors.

Yukon Glory magnetic paper towel holder.

Yukon Glory magnetic paper towel holder

Aftere looking at several models and see how easy they are to use outdoors I stumbled upon the Yukon Glory brand.

Yukon glory carries a number of grill accesories that can make our life a lot easier and gives us many new options for our grills.

There magentic paper towel holder received a nice nubmer of reviews and I found an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 to give.

All together a nice rating.
Let’s have a look at what people had to say about it.

I found a few questions that people had and here are the main ones.

Q: Can I use one hand to rip of the paper towel?

A: The magnet is quite strong and usually does not move, however most people will use one hand to hold the holder and the other to rip off the towel paper, just like any conventional towel paper holder.

Q: Is it rust proof?

A: I’ve only had this for a short while. It is stainless steel so likely as close to rust-proof as it gets.

Now let’s have a look at what kind of ratings customers gave to the Yukon Glory magnetic paper towel holder.

Customer reviews by features.

Customer ratings

You can click on the pictures to read more reviews and opinions on Amazon.

My opinion

As I mentioned above I always have problems with using paper towels outdoors. They are hard to keep close to you and hard to use without a holder.

This Yukon Glory paper towel holder seems to magnetic enough that it will not fall of the surface you connect it to when you rip of some paper towel.

It also holds a regular size roll and still keeps it far enough away from the hot grill.

I can recommend this a a good buy. Although it is made of stainless steel I still recommend not to leave it out in the rain of course.

magnetic paper towel holder

As I am always looking at way to make life easier I think that this Yukon Glory magnetic paper towel holder is one of the grill accessories that are very useful.

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